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2-Layer 0.2mm ENIG Ceramic Substrate PCB Boards 0.1mm Trace 150.C Max Temp

2-Layer 0.2mm ENIG Ceramic Substrate PCB Boards 0.1mm Trace 150.C Max Temp

0.2mm Ceramic Substrate Pcb

ENIG Ceramic Substrate Pcb

0.2mm ENIG Pcb

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Rohs Compliant:
Minimum Trace Spacing:
Minimum Trace Width:
Maximum Operating Temperature:
Surface Finish:
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Product Description

Ceramic PCB 2-Layer 0.2mm ENIG Substrate Boards 0.1mm Trace 150.C Max Temp

Product Description:

Integrated Circuit Substrate PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards for ICs) are at the heart of modern electronic devices, serving as the critical foundation upon which microelectronics are built. These PCBs are specifically designed to support the delicate and precise nature of integrated circuits, providing the necessary electrical connections and physical support. The sophisticated design of these substrates caters to the intricate requirements of microelectronics circuit layers, ensuring that the advanced components can operate reliably and efficiently within the compact space of an IC.

The substrate material used in the construction of these PCBs is ceramic, a choice made for its excellent electrical insulation properties, thermal conductivity, and mechanical strength. Ceramic substrates provide a stable and robust platform for integrated circuits, protecting them from the thermal and mechanical stresses that occur during device operation. This high-quality material is crucial for maintaining the integrity and longevity of the ICs, especially in applications where stability and reliability are paramount.

One of the key features of these PCBs is the green solder mask that covers the non-conductive areas of the board. The solder mask serves multiple purposes: it prevents short circuits by insulating the copper traces, reduces the risk of solder bridging during component assembly, and protects the copper from environmental factors such as oxidation. The green color has become the industry standard due to its ability to reduce eye strain for technicians working on PCBs, as well as its high contrast against the typical gold or silver-colored pads, which simplifies inspection processes.

The precision with which these IC Substrate PCBs are crafted is demonstrated by their minimum hole size of 0.2mm. This allows for incredibly fine pitch components to be accommodated, which is essential for modern integrated circuits that require numerous connections within a very small area. The ability to drill such small holes accurately is a testament to the advanced manufacturing techniques used in the production of these PCBs, ensuring that they can meet the exacting standards required by the industry.

Equally important is the minimum trace spacing of 0.1mm. This exceptionally narrow spacing is crucial for achieving the high-density routing that integrated circuits necessitate. By enabling closer trace routing, designers can pack more functionality into a smaller area, which is critical for the miniaturization of electronic devices. The precision in maintaining such tight trace spacing is a result of sophisticated PCB design software and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes that ensure each trace is precisely etched onto the substrate.

Compliance with environmental regulations is also a key concern in the electronics industry. These IC Substrate PCBs are RoHS compliant, meaning they are free from hazardous substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE). RoHS compliance not only reflects the commitment to environmental responsibility but also ensures that the PCBs are safe for use in all markets, including those with strict environmental standards.

In conclusion, the IC Substrate PCBs are engineered with the utmost precision and made from high-quality ceramic material to fulfill the demanding needs of integrated circuits. The green solder mask, the minimum hole size of 0.2mm, and the minimum trace spacing of 0.1mm, combined with RoHS compliance, make these Printed Circuit Boards for ICs ideal for supporting the complex and miniature microelectronics circuit layers found in today's advanced electronic devices. The relentless pursuit of technological advancement in PCB manufacturing ensures that these substrates continue to evolve, providing a reliable foundation for the microelectronics of tomorrow.



  • Product Name: IC Substrate PCBs
  • Minimum Trace Spacing: 0.1mm
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Substrate Type: Rigid
  • Copper Weight: 1oz
  • Minimum Trace Width: 0.1mm
  • Also known as Computer Chip Substrate Panels
  • Commonly used for Processor Platform PCBs
  • Integral part of Semiconductor Packaging Boards

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Specification
Material Ceramic
Rohs Compliant Yes
Substrate Type Rigid
Copper Weight 1oz
Thickness 0.2mm
Minimum Trace Width 0.1mm
Surface Finish ENIG
Layers 2
Size 10mm X 10mm
Solder Mask Color Green


Integrated circuits (ICs) are the heart of modern electronics, and their performance is critically dependent on the quality of their connections to other components. IC Substrate PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) play a pivotal role in these electronic circuit interconnects, providing a stable and reliable platform for semiconductor packaging boards. These substrates are the backbone of electronic devices, ensuring signal integrity, power distribution, and structural support for the semiconductor chips. As technology continues to advance, the demand for high-quality, high-performance IC substrates grows exponentially.

With a lead time of just 2 weeks, our IC Substrate PCBs are an ideal solution for rapid product development and prototyping. Engineers and product developers can swiftly iterate on their designs and test new concepts, ensuring a faster time-to-market for new electronic products. The agility provided by such a short lead time is invaluable in industries where technology evolves at a breakneck pace, such as consumer electronics, automotive, and aerospace sectors.

The precision of our IC Substrate PCBs is evidenced by their minimum trace width of 0.1mm. This fine trace width allows for extremely dense and complex circuit designs, which is essential for modern semiconductor packaging boards that require a multitude of connections within a compact space. Such precision enables the creation of smaller, more powerful electronic devices, a key factor in the ongoing trend of miniaturization in the electronics industry.

Our IC Substrate PCBs come with a surface finish of Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG). This finish not only provides a flat surface for mounting semiconductor chips but also offers excellent conductivity, durability, and resistance to oxidation. The ENIG finish ensures a reliable connection between the semiconductor packaging boards and other components, maintaining the performance and longevity of the electronic device.

Designed to withstand the rigors of operation, our IC Substrate PCBs have a maximum operating temperature of 150°C. This high-temperature threshold ensures that the boards can perform flawlessly even under thermal stress, making them suitable for applications with high power densities or those operating in extreme environments. Whether it's automotive engine controls, industrial automation systems, or high-performance computing, our substrates maintain their integrity and continue to provide a stable platform for electronic circuit interconnects.

The material used in our IC Substrate PCBs is ceramic, which offers superior thermal conductivity and excellent electrical insulation. Ceramic substrates are known for their ability to handle significant thermal cycles without degradation, making them an excellent choice for applications that experience rapid and extreme temperature changes. The robust nature of ceramic also lends itself well to applications where mechanical stability is crucial, such as in aerospace and defense electronic systems.

In summary, the IC Substrate PCBs with their swift lead time, fine trace width capability, superior surface finish, high-temperature endurance, and robust ceramic material, are an exceptional choice for a wide range of applications. These electronic circuit interconnects are indispensable in the high-stakes world of semiconductor packaging boards, where performance, reliability, and precision are not just desired but required.



Our IC Substrate PCBs offer unparalleled customization options to meet the stringent requirements of advanced Processor Platform PCBs. Each substrate board is meticulously designed to accommodate a compact size of 10mm X 10mm, enabling high-density microelectronics integration.

With precision engineering, we achieve a Minimum Hole Size of 0.2mm, ensuring excellent connectivity and reliability for Microchip Substrate Boards. The Surface Finish of ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold) provides a robust and corrosion-resistant layer, crucial for long-term performance.

Our substrates boast a Copper Weight of 1oz, balancing the need for signal integrity with thermal management. This makes them ideal for Microelectronics Circuit Layers that must operate efficiently within a wide range of devices.

The IC Substrate PCBs are engineered to withstand a Maximum Operating Temperature of 150°C, catering to high-performance applications that require superior thermal resilience.


Support and Services:

The IC Substrate PCBs product includes comprehensive technical support and services to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the assistance you need to address any technical challenges you may encounter. The support services include product installation guidance, troubleshooting procedures, and tips for maintaining and optimizing your IC Substrate PCBs. Additionally, we offer resources for understanding the intricacies of our product and its applications in various industries. Please note that these services are designed to enhance your experience with our product and do not include any direct contact information.

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