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26 Layers ATE Testing Multilayer PCBs IC Chips TG180 IT180 Material

26 Layers ATE Testing Multilayer PCBs IC Chips TG180 IT180 Material

ATE Testing multilayer PCBs

26 Layers multilayer PCBs

TG180 IT180 electronics pcb

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Product Details
26 Layers
TG180 IT180
Board Thickness:
6.0 MM
Copper Thickness:
1 OZ
Surface Finish:
Special Technology:
Superlayer,Special Thickness
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Product Description

ATE Testing PCBs testing IC chips PCBs



1. Professional manufacturer of PCB and PCB assembly specialized in single-sided PCB, double-sided PCB, multilayer PCB,HDI,IMS and Ceramic PCB,Rigid-Flex PCB, IC Substrate PCB,PCB layout and design and PCB assembly.2. Material Type: FR4,non-halogen material ,Aluminium Base,Cooper Base,high frequency material ,Thick copper foil,94-V0(HB),PI Material,HIGH TG:SL S1000-2,ITEQ:IT180

3. Surface treatment: HAL,Immersion Gold,Immersion Tin,Immersion silver,Gold Finger,OSP,HAL(Immersion Gold,OSP,Immersion silver,Immersion Tin)+Gold Finger



Products are applied to a wide range of High-tech industries such as: LED, telecommunication, computer application, lighting, game machine, industrial control, power, automobile and high-end consumer electronics, ect. By unremitting work and effort to the marketing, products exports to American, Canada, Europe counties, and other Asia-pacific countries


1.PCB factory directly
Have the comprehensive quality control system

3.PCB good price
4.PCB quick turn delivery time from 24hours.
5.PCB certification(ISO/UL E354810/RoHS and CUL)

6. 15 years experience in exporting service

7.PCB is no MOQ/MOV.

8.PCB is high quality. Strict through the AOI(Automated Optical Inspection),QA/QC,fly porbe ,Etesting and AVI.

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