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Green ENIG Surface Finish Ceramic IC Substrate PCB Dual Layered With 0.1mm Trace

Green ENIG Surface Finish Ceramic IC Substrate PCB Dual Layered With 0.1mm Trace

IC Substrate PCB dual layered

ceramic substrate pcb dual layered

0.1mm Trace IC Substrate PCB

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Product Details
Rohs Compliant:
Minimum Trace Width:
Solder Mask Color:
Surface Finish:
Copper Weight:
Maximum Operating Temperature:
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Product Description

Green ENIG Surface Finish 2-Layer Ceramic IC Substrate PCB with 0.1mm Trace

Product Description:

The advent of modern electronics has pivoted on the backbone of sophisticated and reliable circuitry. Among the most critical components in the realm of electronic device fabrication are the Integrated Circuit Substrate PCBs. These Printed Circuit Boards for ICs form the fundamental framework upon which microelectronic components are organized and interconnected. Our IC Substrate PCBs represent the pinnacle of precision engineering, crafted to meet the demanding needs of the microelectronics industry.

Our flagship product in this category is a meticulously designed 10mm X 10mm IC Substrate PCB, which is a testament to our commitment to quality and performance. The size of this PCB makes it an ideal choice for a vast array of applications where space is at a premium and efficiency is paramount. Despite its compact dimensions, this PCB does not compromise on functionality or reliability.

One of the standout features of our IC Substrate PCBs is the surface finish. Employing the Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) process, we have achieved a surface that is not only smooth and flat but also resistant to oxidation. This surface finish ensures excellent solderability and is a perfect match for aluminum wire bonding, a common practice in IC substrate applications. The ENIG finish also provides a long shelf-life, which is beneficial for extended periods of storage before use.

When it comes to production lead times, we understand that our customers operate in fast-paced environments where every second counts. Therefore, we pride ourselves on a swift turnaround, with a lead time of just 2 weeks from order to delivery. This rapid production cycle ensures that your projects stay on track without sacrificing the quality or performance of your printed circuit boards.

In the construction of these IC Substrate PCBs, we utilize two Microelectronics Circuit Layers. This dual-layered approach affords our customers the flexibility to design more complex circuits while maintaining a slim profile. These layers are the heart of the PCB, allowing for the routing of signals and power throughout the device with minimal interference and optimal electrical performance.

The substrate type used in our IC Substrate PCBs is rigid, which provides a stable and durable platform for the integrated circuits. Rigid substrates are renowned for their ability to maintain their shape and form under thermal stress and mechanical pressure. This ensures a stable electrical performance over the lifespan of the product, which is crucial for applications where reliability is non-negotiable.

To summarize, our IC Substrate PCBs are a superior choice for professionals in the field of microelectronics. With a compact 10mm X 10mm size, premium ENIG surface finish, rapid 2-week lead time, two-layered microelectronic circuit capabilities, and a robust rigid substrate, they are designed to exceed the stringent requirements of the industry. Whether for research and development or mass production, our Printed Circuit Boards for ICs are engineered to facilitate cutting-edge electronic innovation.



  • Product Name: IC Substrate PCBs
  • Substrate Type: Rigid
  • Minimum Trace Width: 0.1mm
  • Solder Mask Color: Green
  • Layers: 2
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 150°C
  • Keyword: Electronic Circuit Interconnects
  • Keyword: Computer Chip Substrate Panels
  • Keyword: Integrated Circuit Substrate PCBs

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Surface Finish ENIG
Rohs Compliant Yes
Lead Time 2 Weeks
Material Ceramic
Layers 2
Minimum Hole Size 0.2mm
Minimum Trace Width 0.1mm
Minimum Trace Spacing 0.1mm
Thickness 0.2mm
Maximum Operating Temperature 150°C


The IC Substrate PCBs, precisely sized at 10mm X 10mm, are a critical component in the realm of high-tech electronics. These substrates serve as the foundational platform for an extensive array of applications, each demanding the utmost in reliability and performance. The product's adherence to RoHS compliance ensures that it meets the highest standards for environmental safety, eliminating the use of hazardous substances in electronic components.

One of the primary applications for these IC Substrate PCBs is within embedded system circuit boards. These systems are at the heart of various consumer electronics, automotive controls, and medical devices. The compact size of these substrates makes them ideally suited for integration into the tight spaces of embedded systems, where efficient use of space is paramount. The IC Substrate's ability to withstand maximum operating temperatures of up to 150°C ensures that it can operate reliably in environments that are prone to significant thermal fluctuations.

Furthermore, these substrates are integral to the construction of computer chip substrate panels. As computing devices continue to evolve, becoming more powerful and compact, the industry demands substrates that can maintain integrity and connectivity even under intense operational conditions. The 1oz copper weight of these PCBs provides excellent electrical conductivity, ensuring that signals are transmitted with minimal loss or interference, which is crucial for maintaining the high-speed performance of modern computer chips.

Microchip substrate boards are another critical application for these IC Substrate PCBs. In the world of microelectronics, where precision and miniaturization are key, the small footprint of the 10mm X 10mm substrates becomes an indispensable asset. These boards must accommodate a dense configuration of electronic components, while also maintaining robust physical and thermal stability. With two layers, these PCBs offer an optimal balance between complexity and size, allowing for intricate circuit designs that are necessary for the sophisticated operations of microchips.

In summary, the IC Substrate PCBs product is an essential component for a multitude of scenarios, ranging from everyday consumer electronics to specialized industrial applications. Its compact size, high-temperature resilience, appropriate copper weight, and dual-layer configuration make it the substrate of choice for manufacturers seeking to deliver high-quality, durable, and environmentally conscious electronic products.



Our Integrated Circuit Substrate PCBs are designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern microelectronics. With a robust Maximum Operating Temperature of 150°C, these PCBs are capable of sustaining high-performance levels in challenging environments. The Surface Finish is ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold), ensuring excellent conductivity and longevity for your embedded system circuit boards.

Featuring 2 Microelectronics Circuit Layers, our IC Substrate PCBs provide a compact and efficient platform for complex circuit integration. Additionally, we maintain precision with a Minimum Trace Width of 0.1mm, allowing for intricate designs and superior electrical performance.

To enhance the durability and performance of your applications, our IC Substrate PCBs come with a Solder Mask Color of Green. This not only provides a classic look but also ensures reliable protection for your delicate circuitry.


Support and Services:

Our IC Substrate PCBs come with comprehensive technical support and services designed to ensure optimal performance and reliability of your product. Our dedicated team of experts provides assistance with product selection, design, and integration to meet your specific needs. We offer troubleshooting assistance, guidance on best practices for maintenance, and advice on upgrades and enhancements to keep your PCBs at the forefront of technology.

In addition to our technical support, we provide a range of services including detailed documentation, application notes, and training materials to help you gain the most from our IC Substrate PCBs. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means we are constantly improving our support services to deliver the best possible experience.

Please note that our technical support and services are exclusively for product-related inquiries and issues. For any other concerns or feedback, we encourage you to reach out to the appropriate department within our organization.

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