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Welcome to LT (Link Tracks) Circuit Co., Ltd. We are a leading PCB manufacturer headquartered in the United States with our sales office in Spain for European operations. Our facilities are located in Shenzhen China which is the electronic hub of the world.


The company was founded in 2004, owning state of the art processing equipments and a well experienced professional team engaged in PCB production. After years of effort, the capacity of the company has continuously expanded. Now, we are operating a prototyping shop and a mass production facility as well.


The products are mainly used in the fields of communication, automotive electronics, medical, military etc., of which 50% are sold to overseas market such as Europe, Asia and America. Professional technology, stable product quality, advance process means and impeccable exporting sales service enabled the company to establish a good reputation all over the world. With the facilities situated in Shenzhen China, shipping and logistics are definitely convenient and we have a complete supply chain for any backward integration needed.


With our headquarters in USA and sales office in Spain, we offer localized support and streamlined communication channels for our clients in these regions. Our presence in key international markets enables us to provide responsive service and timely delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction at every step of the process.


We have passed ISO9001-2000 quality control system authentication and we are certified by UL. To further expand and penetrate the international market, we are implementing a clean and green production and working hard to meet the requirements of ISO:TS16949. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we specialize in providing high-quality printed circuit boards (PCBs) tailored to meet the unique requirements of clients internationally.


We are LT CIRCUIT and we only provide standard quality PCBs.


PCB Design

Our team of experienced engineers is adept at designing PCBs optimized for performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency. We leverage the latest design tools and techniques to bring your concepts to life.


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PCB Fabrication

Utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and rigorous quality control processes, we ensure the highest standards in PCB fabrication. Whether you require single-sided, double-sided, multi-layered PCBs, or HDI board, we have the capabilities to fulfill your requirements with precision and efficiency.


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PCBA Services (Surface Mount Technology (SMT))

From component sourcing to assembly and testing, we offer comprehensive PCBA solutions to streamline your product development process. Our advanced assembly techniques with the support of modern machines and stringent quality assurance standards guarantee superior performance and durability of the final product.


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2004: Established in USA and have a joint venture for the first facility. It was built on a 10,000square meters premise in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.


2010: Facility was moved to another location with a bigger area of 20,000sq. meters and increased production capacity.


2011:Passed the safety certification of American products.


2012: Formally open up the international department to market worldwide.


2012 :Passed the ISO 9001:2015 quality Management System certification.


2013 :Passed the Canadian Product safety certification.


2013 :Passed the IATF 16949:2016 product Quality Management System certification.


2015 :Awarded as one of the TOP Electronic Board Producers in Guangdong China.


2020 :Opened a regional office located in Spain to serve the European customers.


2023 :Expanded with a new facility and made it as the main facility of LT CIRCUIT.


2024 :LT CIRCUIT owns a prototype and a mass production facility striving to be the one of the best PCB fabricators in the world.

Our Team

President                       Chaohua Jia



COO                              Han Zhang



VP Production              Ping Zhang



VP Quality                    Ellie Zhang



VP SALES                    Allen Tan



Global Marketing Director

                            Steven Sheehan





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