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1oz Copper Weight Package Substrate PCB IC PCB Board Rohs Approval BT board

Substrate Type: Rigid

Minimum Hole Size: 0.2mm

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ENIG Surface Finish IC Substrate PCB IC Circuit Board 0.2mm Basic material BT HF HTG

Surface Finish: ENIG

Minimum Hole Size: 0.2mm

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High Density Interconnector HDI PCB Board For P1.25 LED Display Indoor 6-32L

Layer Count: 4-20 Layers

Hole Size: 0.1mm Laser Drill

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HASL Gold Finger Multilayer PCBs 10 Layer FR4 PCB Board Customization

Copper Weight: 12OZ

Surface Mount Technology: Yes

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OEM SAR20H Mini Led Light PCB Board For ELDOLED High Power Spot Light

Layers: 1 Layer

Material: SAR20H From Shengyi

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VENTEC VT-4B3 IMS PCB Big Car Led Light PCB Board With TS16949

Layers: 1 Layer

Material: VENTEC VT-4B3

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Shengyi S1000 8layers HDI PCBs High Density Multilayer PCB Board BGA Solder

Layers: 8 Layers

Material: Shengyi S1000

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ENIG 3U" 8 Layer PCB Board Multilayer With Impedance Controlled

Layers: 8 Layer

Material: ShengYi S1000

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OEM Multilayer Circuit Board Four Sides Half Holes With Gold Conductor Fingers IC Leads

Number Of Layers: 4-22 Layers

Packing: Vacuum Packing With Carton Box

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Durable 1.5 Meter Industrial Light IMS PCB Boards HASL Finish

Layers: 1 Layer

Material: AL3003

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DFM Multilayer Ceramic PCB With Immersion Gold Technology Enig Finish Temp Resistant

Pcb Name: Immersion Gold Ceramic PCB Board

Surface Finished: Immersion Gold,nickel-palladium GLOD

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OEM HDI Circuit Board 10 Layer 2+N+2 X Ray Tested Ultra Thin 0.2mm-6.00mm

Aspect Ratio: 10:1

Minimum Hole Size: 0.15mm

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