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Green Two Layer PCB 1.6mm Double Sided FR-4 Circuit Board

Green Two Layer PCB 1.6mm Double Sided FR-4 Circuit Board

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Product Details
Solder Resist Color:
Pcb Thickness:
Conductor Space:
3 Mil
Two Layer PCB
Silkscreen Color:
Green, Blue, Yellow
Raw Material:
Fr - 4
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Product Description

Product Description:

The Double-Sided PCB, crafted from the durable and reliable FR-4 raw material, stands as a testament to the pinnacle of printed circuit board engineering. Designed to cater to a broad range of electronic applications, this versatile product is available in a substantial 1.5m and a slightly smaller 1.2m size, making it an ideal choice for those in need of either expansive or moderately-sized dual-sided PCB solutions. The FR-4 material used is a composite of woven fiberglass cloth with an epoxy resin binder that is flame resistant (self-extinguishing), offering excellent mechanical and electrical properties.

The Double-Sided PCB is not only robust in its build but also flexible in its application, with copper weights ranging from a light 1oz up to a substantial 6oz. This range allows for a wide spectrum of electrical current carrying capabilities, ensuring that the board can be customized to meet the specific needs of various electronic components and systems, from simple LED circuits to complex computer motherboards. With the copper weight being a crucial factor in the performance of the PCB, customers have the liberty to tailor their order to fit their unique project requirements, enhancing efficiency and reliability.

In terms of aesthetics and functionality, the PCB comes in a selection of vibrant colors: green, blue, and yellow. These colors are not just for visual appeal; they also serve to reduce eye strain for technicians working on intricate circuitry, as well as to help differentiate between various PCBs within more complex systems. The choice of color can correspond to different versions of a product, signal different operating characteristics, or simply align with a company's branding palette.

Moreover, the Double-Sided PCB incorporates a high-quality silkscreen process in colors of white, black, and yellow. Silkscreening is an essential feature of a PCB as it provides important information about the board, including component labels, test points, and logos. The silkscreen on these PCBs is applied with precision and clarity, ensuring that the markings are legible and durable over the life of the product. This attention to detail in labeling aids in the ease of assembly, troubleshooting, and repair of electronic devices.

The Dual-Sided PCB design allows for a denser arrangement of circuits without the need for multiple layers, which can be a cost-saving feature for many projects. This design structure is particularly beneficial for moderately complex circuits, providing ample space for the necessary components while maintaining a manageable size and weight. The dual-sided nature of the board means that it can carry more circuitry within the same footprint as a single-sided PCB, making it a more efficient use of space.

The 1.5m double-sided PCB and 1.2m double-sided PCB are manufactured with high precision and adherence to industry standards. Each board undergoes stringent quality control measures to ensure that it performs as intended, with consistent reliability. These PCBs are well-suited for a variety of applications, including industrial controls, automotive systems, consumer electronics, and more. They are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use, providing a stable and long-lasting electronic foundation for any product.

In conclusion, the Double-Sided PCB crafted from FR-4 material is an exceptional choice for those who require a reliable, customizable, and efficient circuit board solution. With its range of copper weights, color options, and precise silkscreening, it stands as a versatile and high-quality component in the field of electronics manufacturing. Whether for a large-scale 1.5m double-sided PCB or a more contained 1.2m double-sided pcb project, this PCB offers a perfect blend of form and function, making it an indispensable part of modern electronic design and production.



  • Product Name: Double Sided PCB
  • Shipping: DHL, UPS, EMS, TNT, FedEx, Express Courier, Sea Transport
  • Surface Treatment: Immersion Gold
  • Surface Finish: HASL, ENIG, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Gold Finger, OSP
  • Sillkscreen: White, Black, Yellow
  • Raw Material: FR-4
  • Also known as: Double-Plated PCB, Twin Layer PCB

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Color Green, Blue, Yellow
Raw Material FR-4
PCB Thickness 1.6mm
Copper Weight 1-6oz
Min Hole Dia 0.075 mm
Silkscreen Color White, Black, Yellow
Conductor Space 3 Mil
Surface Treatment Immersion Gold
Solder Resist Color Green
Layers Double (Twin Layer PCB)


The use of a 1.2m double-sided PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is vital in a myriad of applications where efficiency, reliability, and space-saving are of paramount importance. This type of PCB, also known as a Two-Sided Circuit Board or a Bi-Layer PCB, is an essential component in modern electronics, with its double-sided feature providing an extra layer for routing traces and accommodating more complex and compact circuit designs.

One of the distinctive features of this product is the 100% E-test guarantee, which ensures that every board is electrically tested to meet stringent functionality standards. This quality assurance is crucial for applications that demand high reliability, such as medical equipment, industrial controls, and safety systems. Manufacturers and designers can trust that each 1.2m double-sided PCB will perform as expected without the need for additional testing.

Another key attribute of this PCB is its standard thickness of 1.6mm, which offers a balanced compromise between mechanical strength and flexibility. This thickness makes the PCB suitable for a wide range of products, from consumer electronics like portable devices and gaming consoles to more robust applications such as automotive controls and home appliances.

The copper weight options ranging from 1 to 6oz allow for customization according to the current-carrying requirements of the application. Higher copper weights are ideal for high-power electronics and automotive power distribution systems, where increased current capacity and heat dissipation are necessary. Conversely, lower copper weights are sufficient for most low-power applications like LED lighting and digital watches.

Aesthetics and functionality combine with the availability of different solder mask colors including green, blue, and yellow, while maintaining a standard green color for the solder resist. The green solder resist color is the industry standard due to its high contrast with copper traces and its ability to withstand the rigors of soldering and rework processes. The color options, however, provide flexibility for branding purposes or to simplify the identification of different PCBs within a complex system.

Typical scenarios for the use of a 1.2m double-sided PCB include aerospace instrumentation where space and weight are at a premium, telecommunications equipment requiring high-speed signal integrity, and consumer electronics that benefit from the compact size and increased functionality. In industrial settings, such as in control systems or automation, the durable nature of the Bi-Layer PCB ensures long-term reliability even in harsh environments.

In summary, the versatile 1.2m double-sided PCB is an integral component in diverse applications that benefit from its dual-sided design, customizable copper weight, reliable E-test assurance, and the practicality of its standard 1.6mm thickness. Whether for advanced technology sectors or everyday consumer products, this Two-Sided Circuit Board is the backbone of countless electronic systems.



Our Double Sided PCB product offers extensive customization to meet your specific project requirements. With Dual-Sided PCB technology, you can optimize space and functionality on both sides of the board.

Choose from a variety of Solder Resist Colors, including the standard Green, to ensure your product has the right look and protection. Our Conductor Space can be as fine as 3 Mil, allowing for high-density designs on your Dual-Sided Printed Wiring Board.

We offer Silkscreen options in White, Black, and Yellow for clear and precise labeling, important for assembly and identifying components on the overlength PCBs.

Customize your Copper Weight from 1oz up to 6oz to suit power requirements and enhance the durability of your Two Layer PCB. Trust our Product Customization Services to deliver a PCB that aligns with your exact specifications.


Support and Services:

Our Double Sided PCB product comes with comprehensive technical support and services designed to provide you with the best experience possible. Our team of experts is available to guide you through any technical challenges you may face, from design and layout to assembly and testing. We offer a range of services to ensure your PCBs meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.

To assist you in the design phase, we provide detailed specifications and guidelines to help you optimize your PCB for manufacturing. Our support includes advice on material selection, trace width, hole size, and more to ensure your design is robust and ready for production.

During the manufacturing process, we conduct multiple quality checks to guarantee the reliability of your Double Sided PCBs. Our services include electrical testing, solderability testing, and micro-sectioning to ensure layer integrity and proper interconnects.

After manufacturing, we remain committed to supporting you with any post-production needs. Our support includes troubleshooting any issues that may arise during the integration of the PCB into your final product. We can provide guidance on rework techniques, soldering practices, and offer tips on how to prevent common issues such as thermal stress or mechanical damage.

Our goal is to provide you with a seamless and supportive experience from start to finish, ensuring that your Double Sided PCBs are delivered with the performance and reliability your applications demand. We strive to continuously improve our support and services to exceed your expectations and contribute to the success of your projects.

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