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Yellow Silkscreen Two Sided PCB Circuit Board With Fr-4 Raw Material Customized

Yellow Silkscreen Two Sided PCB Circuit Board With Fr-4 Raw Material Customized

Yellow Silkscreen Two Sided PCB

Yellow Silkscreen 2 sided pcb

Two Sided PCB Customized

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Product Details
Min Hole Dia:
0.075 Mm
Pcb Thickness:
Solder Resist Color:
Green, Blue, Yellow
100% E-test
Conductor Space:
3 Mil
Copper Weight:
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Product Description

Yellow Silkscreen Two-Sided Circuit Board with Fr-4 Raw Material

Product Description:

Our Double Sided PCB product, also known as a Two Layer PCB, represents a significant leap in printed circuit board technology, offering a robust and efficient solution for a wide range of electronic applications. This type of PCB is characterized by having conductive copper layers on both sides, allowing for more complex and denser circuit designs compared to single-sided PCBs. The double-plated PCB construction not only increases the circuit density but also enhances the PCB's overall functionality and reliability.

One of the critical attributes of our Double Sided PCB is the minimal hole diameter of 0.075 mm. This impressive feature allows for high-precision vias, which are essential for mounting electronic components with very fine leads. The ability to accommodate such small vias makes our PCBs highly versatile and suitable for advanced electronic devices where space and weight are at a premium.

The PCB thickness is standardized at 1.6mm, which is the most common thickness in the PCB industry. This ensures compatibility with a broad range of enclosures and hardware while providing the structural integrity needed for most applications. Whether you are designing consumer electronics, industrial controls, or automotive systems, our Double Sided PCB with a 1.6mm thickness will meet your structural requirements.

To ensure maximum visibility and contrast during assembly and inspection, we offer our Double Sided PCBs with silkscreen options in white, black, and yellow. These color choices allow for clear legibility of printed information on the PCB, such as component designators, test points, and logos. The high-quality silkscreen contributes to the ease of assembly and can be a crucial factor in reducing errors during the manufacturing process.

Every Double Sided PCB we produce undergoes a 100% Electrical Test (E-test) to guarantee that each unit meets our stringent quality standards. This feature ensures that every PCB delivered to our customers is free from shorts, opens, and other electrical anomalies. By implementing such rigorous testing procedures, we provide peace of mind and reliability, which are paramount for your electronic projects.

In addition to standard-sized boards, we specialize in overlength PCBs, catering to applications that require extended board dimensions. These overlength PCBs can be crucial for projects such as LED lighting systems, telecommunications equipment, and other applications where long, continuous electrical paths are necessary. Our capability to produce overlength PCBs means that your design is not constrained by traditional size limitations, offering you the flexibility to innovate and expand the scope of your electronic designs.

The combination of a minimal hole diameter, a range of silkscreen color options, consistent PCB thickness, and the assurance of a 100% E-test makes our Double Sided PCBs a dependable choice for engineers and designers seeking high-quality and durable two-layer circuit boards. Whether you are working on a compact device or an overlength system, our PCBs are engineered to deliver performance and reliability that you can count on.

To sum up, our Double Sided PCBs are designed to meet the high demands of modern electronics. The two-layer configuration, coupled with our precision manufacturing processes, results in Double-Plated PCBs that are both reliable and capable of supporting complex circuits. With features like overlength PCB capabilities and a variety of silkscreen colors, our products stand out as an excellent choice for a wide array of electronic applications. Trust our Double Sided PCBs to be the foundation of your next innovative electronic project.



  • Product Name: Double Sided PCB
  • Silkscreen Colors: White, Black, Yellow
  • PCB Color Options: Green, Blue, Yellow
  • Copper Weight Range: 1-6oz
  • Raw Material: FR-4
  • PCB Thickness: 1.6mm
  • Feature: Dual-Sided Printed Wiring Board
  • Capability: Accommodates overlength PCBs

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Solder Resist Color Green
Layers Double
Pcb Thickness 1.6mm
Sillkscreen White, Black, Yellow
Min Hole Dia 0.075 mm
Shipping DHL, UPS, EMS, TNT, FedEx, Express Courier, Sea Transport
Keyword Two Layer PCB
Surface Treatment Immersion Gold
Feature 100% E-test
Copper Weight 1-6oz


The Double-Plated PCB, also known as a Two Layer PCB, is a versatile and essential component in the realm of electronic devices. With its sophisticated surface finishes, including HASL, ENIG, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Gold Finger, and OSP, it ensures reliable conductivity and protection against oxidation, making it a prime choice for a myriad of applications. Its features, like the 100% E-test, guarantee that each PCB meets the highest standards of quality and performance before being deployed in any scenario.

The applications for a Double-Sided PCB are extensive, ranging from simple gadgets to complex industrial systems. Its ability to carry a copper weight from 1-6oz makes it robust enough for high-power electronics and delicate enough for precise signal processing. In consumer electronics, one can find these bi-layer PCBs in devices like LED lighting systems, where they provide compact yet efficient circuitry, or in home appliances where space-saving and functionality are paramount.

Professional audio equipment often utilizes a 1.5m double-sided pcb to accommodate a complex array of components while maintaining a slim profile. The integrity of the audio signal is preserved thanks to the high-quality surface finishes and the meticulous testing each PCB undergoes. Similarly, in the automotive industry, the reliability and durability of Double-Plated PCBs are crucial for the functionality of safety systems, navigation, and onboard entertainment.

In the realm of industrial applications, Two Layer PCBs are embedded in control systems, power distribution apparatus, and monitoring devices. The robust nature of these PCBs, coupled with their copper weight capacity, ensures that they can handle the demanding conditions of industrial environments while maintaining performance.

Medical devices also benefit from the precision and reliability of Bi-Layer PCBs. Diagnostic equipment, patient monitoring systems, and handheld medical instruments all rely on the compact and efficient design that double-sided PCBs provide. The choice of silkscreen color—white, black, or yellow—further allows for clear labeling and branding, which is essential in the medical field for both functionality and compliance with regulations.

The adaptability and quality of the Double-Sided PCB make it an indispensable component across various sectors. Its extensive application scenarios underscore its importance in advancing technology and its role in the continuous innovation of electronic products.



Our 1.2m double-sided PCB offers comprehensive Product Customization Services to meet your specific requirements. With a precise Conductor Space of 3 Mil, our Bi-Layer PCB ensures high-quality connectivity between components. The standard Solder Resist Color is a vibrant green, providing a clear contrast for easy inspection and a professional appearance.

Constructed as a Two-Sided Circuit Board, our PCB allows for complex and versatile circuit designs, perfect for a wide range of applications. The PCB Thickness is set at a robust 1.6mm, ensuring durability and reliable performance. To guarantee the best in quality and stability, we utilize top-grade Fr-4 as the Raw Material for our PCBs.


Support and Services:

We are committed to providing comprehensive technical support and services for our Double Sided PCB (Printed Circuit Board) products. Our support includes assistance with product specifications, design guidelines, material selection, and troubleshooting to ensure the best possible performance of your PCBs. For any technical inquiries or issues during the design, manufacturing, or assembly processes, please reach out to our dedicated product support team. We offer resources such as detailed datasheets, application notes, and best practice guides to help you optimize your PCB design and functionality.

Our services also include a review of your PCB design files for manufacturability (DFM) to ensure a smooth production process. We can provide technical advice on improving yield, reducing costs, and enhancing the reliability of your Double Sided PCBs. Additionally, we offer various testing services to verify the integrity and performance of your PCBs before they go into full-scale production.

If you encounter any post-production issues with our Double Sided PCBs, our support team is here to assist with diagnostics and to provide solutions to get your product back to optimum performance. We are dedicated to ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction through our responsive and skilled technical support services.

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