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Immersion Gold Dual Layer PCB For Superior Performance And Reliability

Immersion Gold Dual Layer PCB For Superior Performance And Reliability

Immersion Gold Dual Layer PCB

Superior Performance Dual Layer PCB

Immersion Gold dual side pcb

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Product Details
Copper Weight:
DHL UPS EMS TNT FedEx,Express Courier,Sea Transport
Double Side
Surface Treatment:
Immersion Gold
Green, Blue, Yellow
Two Layer PCB
Raw Material:
Fr - 4
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Product Description

0.075 Mm Min Hole Dia Dual Layer PCB for Superior Performance and Reliability

Product Description:

In the realm of electronic circuit design, the Double-Sided PCB stands as a paragon of versatility and reliability. Often referred to as a Two Layer PCB or Dual Layer PCB , this type of board is an essential component in a wide array of electronic devices, from simple gadgets to complex machinery. The Double-Sided PCB is characterized by having conductive copper layers on both sides of the board, making it a superior choice for more intricate circuits where space is at a premium and connectivity is crucial.

Our Double-Sided Printed Board is engineered with a copper weight ranging from 1-6oz , offering a perfect balance between conductivity and durability. This range allows for versatility in your applications, whether you require a board for high-power solutions or for delicate electronic assemblies. The robust copper layers ensure that the board can handle significant current loads while providing a stable and reliable electrical connection between components.

The solder resist color of our Double-Sided PCB is a vibrant green , which not only gives the board its classic look but also serves a practical purpose. The green solder mask provides a high level of contrast against the copper traces, which greatly aids in visual inspections during the manufacturing process and helps prevent solder bridging between closely spaced pads.

Moreover, our boards come with the option for silk screen printing in various colors, including White, Black, and Yellow . These options allow for clear and legible labeling of component positions and other critical information, facilitating ease of assembly and troubleshooting. The silk screen is an important aspect of the board’s design, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits to the end-user.

A key feature of our Dual Layer PCBs is the commitment to quality, demonstrated through our 100% E-test guarantee. Every board is subjected to a thorough electrical test to ensure that there are no defects or discontinuities in the circuit. This rigorous testing protocol is pivotal in maintaining the high standards of performance and reliability that our customers have come to expect. Our dedication to quality control means that you can have full confidence in the functionality and longevity of our Double-Sided Printed Boards.

The Double-Sided Printed Board is a testament to the evolution of PCB technology, embodying the advancements that have been made in the field. The use of two conductive layers expands the design possibilities, enabling the creation of more complex and compact circuits. This dual-layer approach is effective in saving space on the board, allowing for a greater number of components and a more sophisticated functionality within a smaller footprint.

In summary, our Double-Sided PCB product is a reliable, high-quality solution for a variety of applications. With a customizable copper weight, a standard green solder mask for increased functionality, and multiple silk screen color options, these boards are designed to meet the exacting needs of modern electronic devices. Our commitment to a 100% E-test for each board underscores our promise of delivering only the best in terms of performance and reliability. Whether you are involved in prototype development or mass production, our Two Layer PCB is an excellent choice that will serve as the cornerstone of your electronic projects.



  • Product Name: Double Sided PCB
  • Silkscreen Color: White, Black, Yellow
  • Color: Green, Blue, Yellow
  • Shipping: DHL, UPS, EMS, TNT, FedEx, Express Courier, Sea Transport
  • Min Hole Dia: 0.075 mm
  • Surface Treatment: Immersion Gold
  • Also known as Dual-Sided Printed Wiring Board
  • Specializing in overlength PCBs for advanced applications
  • Capable of producing Extra long double-sided pcb to meet custom requirements

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Description
Pcb Thickness 1.6mm
Keyword Two Layer PCB
Layers Double
Shipping DHL, UPS, EMS, TNT, FedEx, Express Courier, Sea Transport
Feature 100% E-test
Silkscreen Color White, Black, Yellow
Surface Treatment Immersion Gold
Min Hole Dia 0.075 mm
Copper Weight 1-6oz


The Double-Sided PCB, also known as a Two-Sided Circuit Board, is a crucial component in modern electronics due to its ability to support a complex circuitry within a compact footprint. These boards offer an extensive range of applications and scenarios, benefiting from their enhanced connectivity provided by copper traces on both sides of the board. The Double-Plated PCBs are a step up from single-sided PCBs, allowing for more intricate and dense designs which are essential for today's multi-functional devices.

Typically, Double-Sided PCBs are found in a variety of consumer electronics such as smartphones, digital cameras, and gaming consoles where space is at a premium and efficient use of the PCB area is necessary. The copper weight of 1-6oz in these PCBs allows for increased current-carrying capacity, making them suitable for higher power applications such as power supplies and automotive electronics, where reliability and performance are paramount. Moreover, the feature of 100% E-test ensures that each Double-Plated PCB is thoroughly tested for functionality before being deployed in any application, thereby guaranteeing reliability and customer satisfaction.

When it comes to aesthetics and functionality, the silkscreen color options of White, Black, and Yellow on the Double-Sided PCBs provide a clear contrast against the solder mask, which can come in Green, Blue, or Yellow. This allows for easy component identification and inspection, which is particularly useful during the assembly process and for maintenance purposes. The surface treatment of Immersion Gold offers excellent surface planarity and is also beneficial for its antioxidation properties, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable connection for surface-mount and through-hole components.

In the realm of industrial and medical equipment, where precision and durability are non-negotiable, the Two-Sided Circuit Board is a go-to solution. It's commonly utilized in control systems, sensors, and monitoring devices where a small error could be critical. The robust nature of the Double-Plated PCB, combined with its compact size, makes it ideal for such high-stakes environments. Additionally, telecommunications equipment, which requires both high-speed signal transmission and space-saving designs, also heavily relies on these versatile PCBs.

In summary, the Double-Sided PCB is a versatile component that is indispensable in numerous applications, ranging from everyday consumer electronics to critical industrial and medical devices. Its customizability in terms of copper weight, silkscreen color, and surface treatment, along with the assurance of 100% E-test, makes it a reliable and preferred choice for complex electronic solutions across various sectors.



Our Double Sided PCB, also known as Bi-Layer PCB or Dual Layer PCB, comes with a range of customization services to meet your specific requirements. Choose from Silkscreen Colors including White, Black, and Yellow to ensure your PCB stands out with its unique design. Each Bi-Layer PCB is constructed with two layers to optimize space and functionality.

We guarantee that every Dual Layer PCB undergoes a 100% E-test to ensure quality and reliability for your projects. Furthermore, you can select the Solder Resist Color in Green to provide your PCB with an extra layer of protection against soldering faults.

For your convenience, we offer a variety of shipping options including DHL, UPS, EMS, TNT, FedEx, Express Courier, and Sea Transport to ensure your Double Sided PCB arrives safely and on time, no matter where you are in the world.


Support and Services:

Our Double Sided PCB product comes with comprehensive technical support and services to ensure your satisfaction and success. With multilayer capabilities and high-quality materials, our PCBs are designed to meet the rigorous standards of various industries. Our support includes assistance with design layout, material selection, and technical troubleshooting to optimize the performance of your PCBs.

We offer detailed documentation and resources to guide you through the installation and maintenance processes of your Double Sided PCB. Our experienced technical support team is available to provide you with expert advice on the best practices for using our PCBs in your specific applications.

Our services also include a thorough quality assurance process. Each PCB is rigorously tested to ensure functionality and reliability. In the unlikely event of a defect or failure, our support team is committed to providing prompt resolutions, including repair or replacement services, subject to our warranty terms and conditions.

For any technical inquiries or assistance, please refer to our online knowledge base or reach out to our support team through the designated communication channels. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service to ensure that our Double Sided PCB products exceed your expectations.

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