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1-6oz Copper Weight Double Sided PCB Printed Circuit Board High Performance

1-6oz Copper Weight Double Sided PCB Printed Circuit Board High Performance

high performance Double Sided PCB

6oz Copper Weight Double Sided PCB

high performance dual side pcb

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Product Details
Min Hole Dia:
0.075 Mm
100% E-test
Two Layer PCB
Conductor Space:
3 Mil
Silkscreen Color:
Copper Weight:
Solder Resist Color:
DHL UPS EMS TNT FedEx,Express Courier,Sea Transport
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Product Description

Fast Shipping Double Sided PCB with DHL Shipping and 100% E-test

Product Description:

The Double Sided PCB, also commonly referred to as Dual Layer PCB or Bi-Layer PCB, is a technological marvel in the realm of electronic components. This product has been crafted with meticulous attention to detail using high-quality FR-4 as its raw material. FR-4 is a composite material composed of woven fiberglass cloth with an epoxy resin binder that is flame resistant (self-extinguishing). The choice of FR-4 for our PCB ensures that the board is not only durable and robust but also provides excellent electrical insulation and stability over a wide range of temperatures and physical stress. It is an industry-standard and is highly regarded for its performance and reliability.

One of the defining features of our 1.2m double-sided PCB is its generous copper weight range, which spans from 1 to 6 ounces. This feature allows for a significant degree of flexibility in terms of the electrical current that the board can carry, making it suitable for a broad spectrum of applications. A heavier copper weight is pivotal for high-power circuits, as it enhances the thermal distribution and increases the endurance of the board under load. Furthermore, the thick copper layer is an excellent choice for applications that require a high level of mechanical strength or are subject to extreme environmental conditions.

Our Double Sided PCBs come in a variety of colors, predominantly green, blue, and yellow. These colors are not just for aesthetic purposes; they serve a practical function by providing a contrasting background that aids in the visual inspection of the boards. The green solder mask, in particular, is the industry standard due to its ability to improve the readability of silkscreened text and the ease in inspecting the board for any manufacturing defects. The blue and yellow options offer a clear, bright substrate that can be used to color-code different versions of a product or to match the aesthetic design requirements of a particular project.

Adding to the functionality and design of our PCBs is the silkscreening process, which applies critical information such as component labels, test points, and logos onto the board. Our silkscreens come in three distinct colors: white, black, and yellow. These colors are carefully selected to achieve the highest level of contrast against the solder mask, ensuring that the printed information is legible even in low-light conditions or when the board is densely populated with components. The white silkscreen is crisp and clear, making it a popular choice for most applications. The black silkscreen offers a sharp, professional look on lighter colored PCBs, while the yellow silkscreen stands out vividly against darker backgrounds, providing a unique visual appeal.

Every aspect of our Double Sided PCBs is engineered with precision and excellence. The dual layers provide an extra dimension of flexibility in design, allowing for more complex circuits to be accommodated within a compact space. This is particularly advantageous for modern electronic devices that require sophisticated functionality but are constrained by size. The 1.2m double-sided PCB is a testament to our commitment to offering products that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Whether you are developing consumer electronics, industrial machinery, medical devices, or any other application that demands reliability and efficiency, our Double Sided PCB is the cornerstone upon which you can build your innovation.

In conclusion, our Double Sided PCB is a versatile and reliable component that stands at the forefront of electronic design. With its robust FR-4 material, customizable copper weight, a range of color options, and high-contrast silkscreen colors, it is the ideal choice for any project that requires a durable, high-performance PCB. We take pride in our meticulous manufacturing process and stringent quality control, ensuring that each board you receive is ready to power your technological advancements.



  • Product Name: Double Sided PCB
  • Min Hole Dia: 0.075 mm
  • PCB Thickness: 1.6mm
  • Layers: Double
  • Conductor Space: 3 mil
  • Keyword: Two Layer PCB
  • Feature: Double-Plated PCB
  • Feature: Extra long double-sided pcb
  • Feature: 1.2m double-sided pcb

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameter Description
Shipping DHL, UPS, EMS, TNT, FedEx, Express Courier, Sea Transport
Solder Resist Color Green
Copper Weight 1-6oz
Min Hole Dia 0.075 mm
PCB Thickness 1.6mm
Color Green, Blue, Yellow
Conductor Space 3 mil
Keyword Two Layer PCB
Layers Double
Sillkscreen White, Black, Yellow


The advent of Double Sided PCBs, particularly those with a conductor space of 3 mil, has significantly revolutionized the electronics industry. These boards, crafted from high-quality FR-4 raw material, are designed for durability and reliability. The Dual-Sided PCBs allow for a complex and dense circuitry, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. One of the standout features of these PCBs is their minimal hole diameter of just 0.075 mm, which enables them to support advanced electronic components with fine pitch.

Dual-Sided PCBs are quintessential in the production of overlength PCBs, which are required in applications demanding extended circuitry without compromising the integrity of the signal. This makes them perfect for use in telecommunications equipment, where long and continuous conductive paths are necessary. In such scenarios, the Dual-Sided PCBs' feature of 100% E-testing ensures that each board meets the stringent performance requirements before being implemented into the final product.

Moreover, the Two Layer PCB design is not just limited to telecommunication. It also finds its applications in the realms of computer hardware, where high-speed signal transmission is paramount. The compact design of the Dual-Sided PCBs allows for a higher density of components, which is essential in modern computer systems that require more functionality packed into smaller spaces.

In the automotive industry, the robustness provided by the FR-4 material of the Double Sided PCB is critical. These PCBs can endure the harsh environmental conditions encountered in automotive applications, ensuring long-term reliability of the electronic systems. The precision allowed by the minimal hole diameter also supports the integration of advanced sensors and control units necessary for the latest automotive technologies.

Medical equipment manufacturers also rely on the precision and reliability of Dual-Sided PCBs. Devices such as pacemakers, imaging systems, and patient monitoring equipment demand high levels of accuracy and reliability, which are guaranteed by the 100% E-test feature of these PCBs. The use of FR-4 material ensures that the products are durable and can withstand the rigors of the medical field.

In conclusion, the Double Sided PCB, with its 3 mil conductor space, FR-4 raw material, 0.075 mm minimum hole diameter, and assurance of 100% E-test, is a versatile product that serves a multitude of scenarios. Whether it is for overlength PCBs in telecommunications, compact designs in computing, rugged applications in automotive, or precise and reliable use in medical technology, the Two Layer PCB stands as a cornerstone in the advancement of electronic applications.



Our Double Sided PCB, also known as a Dual-Sided Printed Wiring Board, offers a range of Product Customization Services to meet your specific requirements. With an option for 1.2m double-sided pcb, you can ensure your project meets the size needs for your application.

We provide various Surface Finish options including HASL, ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold), Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Gold Finger, and OSP (Organic Solderability Preservatives) to enhance the solderability and reliability of your Two Layer PCB.

In addition to the standard finishes, we also offer Surface Treatment with Immersion Gold, ensuring a high-quality coating for excellent conductivity and a longer shelf-life for your Dual-Sided Printed Wiring Board.

This product is designed with two layers, making it a versatile and robust solution for a wide range of electronics applications. Our precision manufacturing processes allow for a Min Hole Dia of 0.075 mm, catering to intricate designs and high-density component placements.


Support and Services:

Our Double Sided PCB product comes with comprehensive technical support and services designed to ensure your satisfaction and the optimal performance of your PCBs. Our support includes access to our extensive online resources, including detailed product documentation, technical guides, and troubleshooting tips. We also provide regular firmware and software updates to enhance functionality and address any emerging issues.

In addition to online resources, we offer direct support from our team of expert engineers. They are available to help with design considerations, material selection, and to provide answers to any technical questions you might have. Our goal is to help you overcome any challenge and succeed in your projects.

For complex issues or specialized assistance, we provide a range of services including layout review, signal integrity analysis, and thermal simulation. These services are designed to ensure your Double Sided PCB operates reliably under all conditions and meets your application requirements.

Please note that our technical support and services are subject to our terms of service and may require a valid service agreement. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of support to maintain and enhance the value of your Double Sided PCB investment.

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