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100% E Test Double Sided Circuit Board Immersion Gold PCB Green Solder Resist 1.6mm

100% E Test Double Sided Circuit Board Immersion Gold PCB Green Solder Resist 1.6mm

Double Sided circuit board 1.6mm

Green Solder Double Sided circuit board

Immersion Gold PCB 1.6mm

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Product Details
100% E-test
Surface Treatment:
Immersion Gold
Pcb Thickness:
Solder Resist Color:
Min Hole Dia:
0.075 Mm
Surface Finish:
HASL、ENIG、Immersion Tin、Immersion Silver、Gold Finger、OSP
DHL UPS EMS TNT FedEx,Express Courier,Sea Transport
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Product Description

100% E test Double Sided Immersion Gold PCB Green Solder Resist 1.6mm HASL/ENIG Surface Finish

Product Description:

The Double Sided PCB, also known as a Bi-Layer PCB, is a highly versatile and durable printed circuit board designed for a wide range of electronic applications. This product is an ideal solution for complex circuits that require a moderate amount of space, as it utilizes both sides of the board for component placement. It's perfect for those who need a reliable and efficient PCB for their sophisticated electronic projects.

One of the key features of this Double Sided PCB is the surface treatment it undergoes. The board is treated with Immersion Gold, a process that not only provides a flat surface for placing components but also offers excellent conductivity and resistance to oxidation. This surface treatment ensures a longer lifespan for the product and a more reliable electrical connection between components.

Our Extra long double-sided pcb is designed to pass 100% E-test, ensuring that each board is free from defects and meets the highest quality standards before it is shipped to the customer. This comprehensive electrical testing checks for opens, shorts, and ensures the correct resistance and capacitance values, guaranteeing that the board will perform as expected in its application.

The surface finish of the Double Sided PCB is highly customizable, with options including Hot Air Solder Leveling (HASL), Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG), Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Gold Finger, and Organic Solderability Preservatives (OSP). These options provide a range of benefits, from excellent solderability to robust protection against corrosion, catering to different requirements and preferences.

With a copper weight ranging from 1oz to 6oz, this Double Sided PCB can support various current levels, making it suitable for a diverse range of applications. The heavier copper weights are especially beneficial for high-power circuits, where increased current capacity and heat dissipation are crucial.

When it comes to shipping, we understand the importance of receiving your Double Sided PCBs promptly and securely. That's why we offer a variety of shipping options, including DHL, UPS, EMS, TNT, FedEx, Express Courier, and Sea Transport. These options provide flexibility for cost and delivery times, allowing you to choose the service that best fits your schedule and budget.

The Extra long double-sided pcb is not just about the technical specifications; it's also about the peace of mind that comes with a product that is built to last and perform. Whether you are in the telecommunications industry, consumer electronics, automotive, or aerospace sector, this Bi-Layer PCB is designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

With its robust construction, meticulous surface treatment, and customizable surface finishes, this Double Sided PCB stands out as a premium choice in the market. It provides the perfect balance of performance, quality, and reliability, making it an essential component for any electronic device that demands the best in circuitry solutions.

In conclusion, if you're in search of an Extra long double-sided pcb that combines state-of-the-art manufacturing processes with the flexibility of design and shipping options, look no further. Our Double Sided PCBs are meticulously crafted to provide the foundation for your electronic innovations, ensuring that each connection is solid, each signal is clear, and every product is delivered ready for the challenges of the modern electronic landscape.



  • Product Name: Double Sided PCB
  • Silkscreen Color: White, Black, Yellow
  • Min Hole Dia: 0.075 mm
  • Feature: 100% E-test
  • Surface Finish: HASL, ENIG, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Gold Finger, OSP
  • Shipping: DHL, UPS, EMS, TNT, FedEx, Express Courier, Sea Transport
  • Keywords: Two-Sided Circuit Board, Bi-Layer PCB

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Specification
Conductor Space 3 Mil
Surface Treatment Immersion Gold
Silkscreen White, Black, Yellow
Shipping DHL, UPS, EMS, TNT, FedEx, Express Courier, Sea Transport
PCB Thickness 1.6mm
Color Green, Blue, Yellow
Min Hole Dia 0.075 Mm
Raw Material FR-4
Feature 100% E-test
Solder Resist Color Green


The Double-Sided Printed Board (Double-Sided PCB) is a cornerstone in modern electronic applications, offering versatility and reliability for a wide array of products. The use of Immersion Gold surface treatment ensures that these PCBs provide excellent conductivity and resistance to oxidation, making them suitable for high-reliability applications. The FR-4 raw material used in the production of these boards is a testament to their durability and superior electrical insulation properties, which are essential for maintaining signal integrity in complex circuits.

With a range of Silkscreen Colors available, including White, Black, and Yellow, Double-Sided PCBs allow for clear marking and identification, which is crucial in the assembly and maintenance processes of electronic devices. The Copper Weight options ranging from 1-6oz facilitate the customization of the boards to meet specific power handling requirements, making them adaptable to both high-current applications and sensitive analog signals.

The Surface Finish on these boards can vary, including options such as HASL (Hot Air Solder Leveling), ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold), Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Gold Finger, and OSP (Organic Solderability Preservatives), which cater to different assembly techniques and environmental conditions. For instance, the ENIG finish provides a flat surface which is ideal for intricate components, whereas the Gold Finger finish is perfect for edge-connector applications.

One of the specific variants, the 1.5m double-sided pcb, is exceptionally useful in scenarios where larger boards are necessary, such as in industrial controls, LED lighting, and power supplies. Its extended size allows for more complex circuits or higher component density, which is crucial in advanced electronic systems. Double-Plated PCBs, on the other hand, are an ideal choice for applications that require robust interconnections between layers, such as in multilayer boards or when connecting high-speed digital signals.

Overall, Double-Sided PCBs are integral in numerous applications including consumer electronics, automotive systems, telecommunications, medical devices, and aerospace technology. Their versatility in terms of size, copper weight, and surface finish, combined with the robustness provided by the FR-4 material and the various surface treatment options, makes them an indispensable component in the electronics manufacturing industry.



Our Double Sided PCB product offers extensive customization to meet your specific design requirements. Constructed with high-quality Fr-4 raw material, our PCBs ensure durability and excellent performance. Choose from a variety of silkscreen colors including white, black, and yellow to add clarity and distinction to your Two Layer PCB. The advanced surface treatment features Immersion Gold, providing reliable conductivity and resistance to oxidation. Whether you are in need of overlength PCBs, an extra long double-sided PCB, or a 1.2m double-sided PCB, our services cater to even the most demanding applications, ensuring your product's integrity and functionality.


Support and Services:

Our Double Sided PCB product comes with comprehensive technical support and services to ensure your satisfaction and the smooth operation of your PCBs. Our support includes access to a wealth of online resources, such as detailed product documentation, technical guides, and troubleshooting articles. These are designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the product and assist you with any questions that may arise during the installation, operation, or maintenance of your Double Sided PCB.

We also offer a dedicated technical support team that is well-versed in all aspects of Double Sided PCBs. They are available to provide you with personalized assistance in resolving any technical challenges you may encounter. Our team is committed to responding promptly and efficiently to your inquiries, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal performance of your PCBs.

Additionally, our services include regular updates and upgrades to our PCB designs and firmware, which can be easily accessed to improve functionality and add new features. We are constantly working to enhance our products and provide you with the latest advancements in PCB technology.

If you require more hands-on assistance, we provide on-site support services for more complex issues or for help with the integration of our Double Sided PCBs into your existing systems. Our skilled technicians can visit your location to deliver expert guidance and support, ensuring that your PCBs are operating at their best.

To further enhance your experience, we offer training sessions and workshops that cover various aspects of Double Sided PCB usage, from basic operation to advanced techniques. These educational opportunities are designed to empower you and your team with the knowledge and skills needed to fully leverage the potential of our PCBs in your projects and applications.

Rest assured that our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction extends beyond the sale. Our technical support and services are an integral part of the value we provide, ensuring that your Double Sided PCBs deliver the reliability and performance you expect.

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