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Customization Double Sided PCB Electronic Components With 3 Mil Conductor Space

Customization Double Sided PCB Electronic Components With 3 Mil Conductor Space

Customization Double Sided PCB

Customization dual sided pcb

Double Sided PCB Electronic Components

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Product Details
Copper Weight:
Silkscreen Color:
Raw Material:
DHL UPS EMS TNT FedEx,Express Courier,Sea Transport
Two Layer PCB
Conductor Space:
3 Mil
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Product Description

White/Black/Yellow Double Sided FR-4 PCB with 3 Mil Conductor Space

Product Description:

The Double Sided PCB is a premium quality bi-layer PCB that is designed to meet the needs of various high-demand electronic applications. This board is characterized by its two conductive copper layers, which are meticulously etched to create a precise circuit pattern, and are essential for complex circuitry that cannot be achieved with single-sided PCBs. The double-sided nature of this PCB, often referred to as a Double-Plated PCB, allows for a denser routing of the electronic components, making it an ideal choice for more sophisticated electronic devices.

One of the standout features of this product is the 100% E-test, or Electrical Test, that every board undergoes. This rigorous quality assurance process ensures that each Double Sided PCB is free from shorts, opens, and ensures proper functionality before they are shipped out. The E-test is conducted with advanced equipment that checks the electrical connectivity and inspects for any potential flaws that could impact the performance of the PCB in the field.

The Double Sided PCB comes with a variety of silkscreen color options to suit different design preferences and requirements. Customers can choose from white, black, and yellow silkscreen colors. The silkscreen layer is critical as it contains the printed information such as component labels, test points, and other markings that are invaluable for assembly, testing, and maintenance of the electronic device.

Moreover, the solder resist color available for this PCB is green, which is the industry standard due to its ease of inspection and the clear contrast it provides against copper traces and pads. This green solder mask is applied to both sides of the board, encapsulating the copper traces and safeguarding them from oxidation, corrosion, and short circuits caused by solder bridging during component soldering processes.

The color options for the Double Sided PCB do not end with the solder mask; customers have the choice of green, blue, or yellow for the board itself. This selection allows for customization and can be chosen to match the aesthetic requirements of the final product or to comply with company branding guidelines.

One of the most significant advantages of using a Double Sided PCB like this one is its two-layer configuration. Also known as a Two Layer PCB, this setup allows for a more complex and denser routing of components, making it possible to create more intricate designs without increasing the board size. This is especially important for modern electronic devices that require compactness without compromising on functionality.

For applications requiring a larger size, this PCB is available in lengths of up to 1.5 meters. The 1.5m double-sided pcb option is particularly useful for industrial and commercial applications where larger boards are necessary to accommodate additional components or more extensive circuitry. Despite their size, these long boards maintain high-quality signal integrity and mechanical strength.

In summary, the Double Sided PCB is a versatile and robust solution for a wide range of electronic applications. With its bi-layer setup, 100% E-test guarantee, customizable silkscreen and solder mask colors, and the availability of large-size boards, it stands as a reliable choice for designers and engineers looking for a Double-Plated PCB that delivers both in terms of performance and aesthetic appeal.



  • Product Name: Double Sided PCB
  • Keyword: Two Layer PCB
  • Silkscreen Color Options: White, Black, Yellow
  • Copper Weight Range: 1-6oz
  • PCB Thickness: 1.6mm
  • Raw Material: FR-4
  • Size Capability: Up to 1.2m Double-Sided PCB
  • Design: Two-Sided Circuit Board
  • Construction: Twin Layer PCB

Technical Parameters:

Shipping DHL, UPS, EMS, TNT, FedEx, Express Courier, Sea Transport
Feature 100% E-test
Min Hole Dia 0.075 mm
Raw Material FR- 4
Copper Weight 1-6oz
Keyword Two Layer PCB
Layers Double
Surface Finish HASL, ENIG, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Gold Finger, OSP
Conductor Space 3 mil
Silkscreen Color White, Black, Yellow


The Dual Layer PCB is an essential component in modern electronics, offering a robust platform for a variety of applications. This type of PCB, also known as a Double Sided PCB, has two layers of conductive copper, with weights ranging from 1 to 6 ounces, allowing for flexible design options to accommodate varying current requirements. The use of FR-4 as the raw material ensures that the PCB has strong mechanical strength, good heat resistance, and excellent insulating properties, making it suitable for a wide range of temperatures and operating conditions.

With a minimum hole diameter (Min Hole Dia) of 0.075 mm, the Double Sided PCB provides precision and reliability for applications that require intricate designs with tight tolerances. These small vias are ideal for high-density component placement, which is crucial for compact and complex electronic devices. The availability of different solder mask colors such as green, blue, and yellow allows for easy identification and aesthetic customization, aligning with the visual requirements of different products.

The 1.5m double-sided PCB is particularly beneficial in scenarios where there is a need for an intermediate level of circuit complexity, which cannot be achieved with single-sided PCBs but does not yet require the density of a multi-layer board. This balance makes the Twin Layer PCB an excellent choice for consumer electronics, industrial controls, and power supplies, where space is often at a premium, but functionality cannot be compromised.

Typical application occasions for the Double Sided PCB include the manufacturing of LED lighting systems, where dual layers can be used to effectively distribute power and manage thermal loads. In automotive electronics, the durability and heat resistance of FR-4 material are crucial for under-the-hood applications such as engine control units. The medical industry also benefits from the precision and reliability of these PCBs in critical diagnostic and treatment equipment, where consistent performance is paramount.

Furthermore, communication devices, computers, and various handheld devices utilize the Twin Layer PCB for its ability to support multiple components while maintaining a relatively slim profile. The versatility and reliability of the Double Sided PCB make it an indispensable part of modern electronic design, where efficiency, durability, and performance are key to the success of the final product.



Our premier Product Customization Services cater to your Double Sided PCB needs, ensuring a high-quality Two-Sided Circuit Board tailored to your specifications. Each board constitutes two layers , promising complex and versatile circuitry in a compact form.

When it comes to reliability, our Double-Sided Printed Board undergoes a 100% E-test to guarantee faultless functionality. The surface treatment features Immersion Gold , providing excellent conductivity and resistance to oxidation for long-lasting performance.

Available in a palette of colors such as Green, Blue, and Yellow , our boards offer aesthetic flexibility along with technical precision. Ideal for a variety of applications, the 1.5m double-sided pcb option ensures that your Two Layer PCB requirements are met with the utmost attention to detail and quality.


Support and Services:

Our Double Sided PCB product is designed to provide reliable and efficient circuit connectivity for a range of applications. We are committed to ensuring our customers receive the best technical support and services for their products. Our support includes detailed product documentation, an online knowledge base with FAQs, and troubleshooting guides to help you resolve any issues you may encounter.

Our technical support team is experienced in handling all aspects of Double Sided PCBs, from layout and design to manufacturing and testing. We offer guidance on best practices for PCB assembly and tips for maintaining your PCB to ensure longevity and performance.

In addition to reactive support, we also provide proactive services such as design reviews and thermal analysis to ensure your PCB performs optimally in its intended environment. Our goal is to help you maximize the functionality of your Double Sided PCB, reduce potential downtime, and increase the overall efficiency of your electronic systems.

If you require assistance beyond the resources provided, we are here to help. Please reach out through the appropriate customer service channels for further support. Our dedicated team is available to assist with any technical queries or challenges you may face with your Double Sided PCB product.

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