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OEM 1-8 Layer PCB Board With Copper Clad Laminate Immersion Gold PCB

OEM 1-8 Layer PCB Board With Copper Clad Laminate Immersion Gold PCB

OEM 8 Layer PCB Board

OEM Immersion Gold PCB

Copper Clad Laminate Immersion Gold PCB

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Product Details
Min Line Width/Spacing:
1-8 Layers
Pcb Size:
Solder Mask Colour:
Pcb Name:
Immersion Gold Ceramic PCB Board
One-stop Service / OEM,DFM
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Product Description

1-8 Layers Ceramic Board with Copper Clad Laminate Immersion Gold PCB

Product Description:

The Immersion Gold Ceramic PCB Board, measuring 22mm by 19mm, is a high-performance platform designed for a wide array of electronics applications where thermal management and reliability are paramount. Constructed from premium materials such as Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3) and Aluminum Nitride (ALN), this PCB offers unmatched thermal conductivity and stability in harsh environments.

Al2O3, commonly known as alumina, is renowned for its excellent insulation properties, mechanical strength, and thermal conductivity, which makes it an ideal choice for the base material of the Ceramic PCB Board. ALN, on the other hand, is a high thermal conductivity material, boasting a rate of 170W/m·K, making 170W/m·K ALN Ceramic PCBs perfectly suited for high power and high temperature applications. The combination of these materials in the PCB results in superior performance and longevity.

The Ceramic High Temperature PCB is capable of withstanding operating temperatures ranging from -50°C to 150°C, making it suitable for use in environments that experience extreme temperature variations. This durability ensures that the Ceramic PCB Board maintains its structural integrity and electrical performance even under the stress of thermal cycling.

One of the distinguishing features of this Ceramic PCB Board is the Surface Technics employed. The board utilizes an Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) surface finish, which offers several advantages such as excellent surface planarity, good solderability, and a robust layer for the protection of the copper underneath. Moreover, the nickel-palladium GLOD technique ensures a reliable and conductive surface which is critical for high-frequency and precision-dependent applications.

The Ceramic Board with Copper Clad Laminate is engineered to cater to the demands of high-density electronic circuits. The copper cladding allows for efficient heat dissipation, reducing hotspots and improving the overall performance of the electronic components mounted on the PCB. This feature is especially important in power electronics, LED lighting, and automotive applications where thermal management is crucial.

Additionally, the Immersion Gold Ceramic PCB Board is designed to offer exceptional mechanical stability. The robust ceramic substrate minimizes the risk of fracture and deformation, making the PCB an excellent choice for applications that are subject to mechanical stress or vibration. This mechanical resilience, coupled with the excellent thermal properties of the board, ensures that the PCB is reliable in a range of industrial, aerospace, and military applications.

The compact size of the PCB, at 22mm*19mm, allows for its integration into various electronic devices without compromising on space. This small form factor is particularly beneficial for modern, miniaturized devices where space is at a premium. Despite its size, the PCB does not sacrifice performance, as it is designed to provide optimal heat dissipation and electrical insulation in a compact package.

In conclusion, the Immersion Gold Ceramic PCB Board offers a combination of high thermal conductivity, excellent temperature resistance, robust surface finish technics, and mechanical durability. The use of Al2O3 and ALN materials ensures that the board can handle the rigorous demands of high temperature and high power applications, making the 170W/m·K ALN Ceramic PCBs and Ceramic Board with Copper Clad Laminate a preferred choice for industry professionals looking for reliable and efficient PCB solutions.



  • Product Name: Ceramic PCB Board
  • Pcb Name: Immersion Gold Ceramic PCB Board
  • Layers: 1-8 Layers
  • Thermal Conductivity: 170 W/mK
  • Service: One-stop Service / OEM, DFM
  • Pcb Size: 22mm*19mm
  • Keyword: 170W/m·K ALN Ceramic PCBs
  • Keyword: Ceramic Insulated Metal Substrate
  • Keyword: Ceramic Hybrid PCB

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Layers 1-8 Layers
Pcb Name Immersion Gold Ceramic PCB Board
Surface Finished Immersion Gold, nickel-palladium GLOD
Service One-stop Service / OEM, DFM
Size 2mm~200mm
Product Type PCB&PCBA OEM, DFM
Pcb Size 22mm*19mm
Thermal Conductivity 170 W/mK
Min Line Width/Spacing 0.1mm
Material Al2O3, ALN


The Ceramic PCB Board, designed to cater to a wide range of applications, is a high-performance solution with a size spectrum of 2mm to 200mm. This adaptability in size makes the Ceramic High Temperature PCB an ideal choice for industries requiring custom sizes to fit specific device dimensions. With the capability to withstand operating temperatures ranging from -50°C to 150°C, these boards are perfectly suited for environments that experience extreme thermal conditions.

The Ceramic PCB Board comes with 1 to 8 layers, offering versatility in design and functionality. This multi-layering feature is crucial for complex electronic circuits that require more space for components and pathways, thus enabling the Ceramic Printed Circuit Board to be used in sophisticated electronic assemblies. The solder mask color of black not only provides a sleek appearance but also enhances the visibility of the markings and reduces glare, which is beneficial during the inspection and maintenance processes.

One of the most significant attributes of the Ceramic PCB Board is its utilization of Ceramic Board with Copper Clad Laminate. This combination provides superior heat dissipation, a critical factor for high-power applications. The PCB size of 22mm*19mm further ensures that the board can be easily integrated into both compact and larger-scale devices without compromising its performance.

Application occasions and scenarios for the Ceramic PCB Board include aerospace electronics, where reliability under high-temperature fluctuations is paramount. Additionally, automotive industries benefit from the robust nature of these boards, especially in engine control units and sensor systems that are exposed to harsh temperature cycles. In the realm of consumer electronics, devices such as LED lighting systems, high power transistors, and power converters rely on the thermal stability and durability of the ceramic substrate to ensure longevity and efficiency.

Furthermore, the medical industry utilizes Ceramic High Temperature PCBs in diagnostic equipment and other medical devices that require precise temperature control and stability. The telecommunications sector also makes use of Ceramic Printed Circuit Boards in amplifiers and RF applications where consistent performance at varied temperatures is necessary. In summary, the Ceramic PCB Board is a versatile product capable of meeting the needs of various high-stress environments and applications, emphasizing reliability, thermal conductivity, and precision.



Our Ceramic Substrate PCB products are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Featuring a dielectric constant ranging from 6.0-10.0 , they are suitable for a variety of high-frequency applications. Customize your board with a sleek black solder mask to enhance its appearance and protect the circuitry.

The surface of our PCBs is finished with immersion gold and nickel-palladium GLOD , ensuring excellent conductivity and a long-lasting, reliable connection. Designed for precision, our PCBs come in a standard size of 22mm*19mm , perfect for compact and efficient designs.

Engineered for high-performance applications, our High thermal conductivity Ceramic PCBs boast an impressive thermal conductivity of 170 W/mK . This makes them ideal for use in environments where superior heat dissipation is required, ensuring your components stay cool and function optimally.

When you require a PCB with a robust ceramic dielectric layer, look no further than our Ceramic Dielectric PCB options. Customize your product with us and experience the benefits of a board crafted to the highest standards of quality and performance.


Support and Services:

The Ceramic PCB Board is a high-performance platform designed with durability and efficiency in mind. It offers superior thermal conductivity, excellent electrical insulation, and robust mechanical strength. Our technical support and services are committed to providing you with comprehensive assistance throughout the lifecycle of your Ceramic PCB Board product. We provide access to a wealth of resources including detailed product documentation, an extensive knowledge base, and troubleshooting guides to help you maximize the performance and longevity of your PCB.

Our dedicated team of experts is available to assist with any technical queries you might have, from initial design considerations to end-of-life product support. We provide guidance on best practices for installation and maintenance, ensuring your Ceramic PCB Board operates at optimal conditions. Our support services also include advice on customization options to tailor the PCB to your specific applications and requirements.

For customers seeking additional peace of mind, we offer warranty services that cover defects in materials and workmanship. We are committed to delivering quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Please note that our warranty does not cover damages resulting from misuse, unauthorized modifications, or external factors beyond our control. We recommend adhering to the usage guidelines provided to ensure the reliability and performance of your Ceramic PCB Board.

To continuously enhance your experience, we periodically provide updates and improvements to our products. We encourage our customers to register their Ceramic PCB Board to receive the latest information on software updates, product enhancements, and other relevant announcements. Our goal is to ensure that your Ceramic PCB Board consistently meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

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