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Sanforized Back Drill Rigid Flex PCB With Hasl Lf Surface 1-28 Layers Enig Treatment

Sanforized Back Drill Rigid Flex PCB With Hasl Lf Surface 1-28 Layers Enig Treatment

Hasl Lf Surface Rigid Flex PCB

Rigid Flex PCB 28 Layers

28 Layers flexrigid pcb

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Product Details
Hole Position Deviation:
Local High Density, Back Drill
Pcb Layer:
Surface Finishing:
Profiling Punching:
Routing, V-CUT, Beveling
ENIG/OSP/Immersion Gold/Tin/Silver
1-8 Times
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Product Description

Sanforized Back Drill Rigid Flex Pcb With Hasl Lf Surface 1-28 Layers Enig Treatment

Product Description:

The Rigid Flex PCB is a state-of-the-art solution that ingeniously combines the benefits of flexibility and rigidity in one integrated package. This advanced product is designed to cater to the growing demands of sophisticated electronic devices that require a robust yet versatile circuitry solution. With a bend radius ranging from a minuscule 0.5mm to a generous 10mm, this PCB offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing it to fit into tight spaces and conform to various shapes without compromising the integrity of the circuit.

Constructed with the utmost precision and care, the Rigid Flex PCB boasts a dimension of 41.55*131mm, making it an ideal size for a multitude of applications while maintaining a compact footprint. The careful engineering behind this Flexible Rigid Circuit Board ensures that it can withstand bending up to 1-8 times, thus providing the ideal balance between flexibility and durability. It is a testament to its robust construction that is purpose-built for dynamic environments where mechanical stress is a concern.

In terms of finish and protection, the Rigid Flex PCB comes with an array of treatment options, including ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold), OSP (Organic Solderability Preservatives), Immersion Gold, Tin, and Silver. These surface treatments not only enhance the solderability and conductivity of the board but also significantly improve its resistance to oxidation, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable electronic foundation for your products.

Profiling punching, a critical process in PCB manufacturing, is adeptly handled with techniques such as Routing, V-CUT, and Beveling, all of which are executed with precision to meet the exacting standards of modern electronics. This attention to detail ensures that all components fit perfectly, and board connections are seamless, thus reducing the risk of mechanical failure and enhancing the overall performance of the Flexible Stiff Circuit Board.

The Flexible-Bendable PCB aspect of this product is particularly noteworthy. It allows designers and engineers to think beyond the constraints of traditional rigid circuit boards, opening up new possibilities for product design. The board's intrinsic ability to bend without breaking makes it an indispensable component in foldable or wearable technology, where space is at a premium, and adaptability is key.

Whether you are developing cutting-edge consumer electronics, high-precision aerospace components, or life-saving medical devices, the Rigid Flex PCB is your go-to solution for a Flexible Stiff Circuit Board that refuses to compromise on quality and performance. Its robust nature combined with its adaptability makes it an exceptional choice for applications that require a high degree of mechanical flexibility along with the reliability of traditional rigid printed circuit boards.

In conclusion, the Rigid Flex PCB stands as a paragon of modern circuit board technology, seamlessly integrating flexibility with structural integrity. It is a product that not only meets the present-day electronic manufacturing challenges but also propels you towards future innovations. Embrace the power of flexibility and reliability with the Rigid Flex PCB, and take your electronic projects to the next level of sophistication and efficiency.



  • Product Name: Rigid Flex PCB
  • Bend Radius: 0.5-10mm
  • Pcb Layer: 1-28 layers
  • Max Layer: 52L
  • Minimum Trace/Space: 0.1mm
  • Profiling Punching: Routing, V-CUT, Beveling
  • Also known as Flexible Stiff Circuit Board
  • Can be referred to as Bendable Rigid Printed Wiring Board

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Dimension 41.55*131mm
Max Layer 52L
Pcb Layer 1-28layers
Bend Radius 0.5-10mm
Components SMD, BGA, DIP, Etc.
Product Type PCB Assembly
No Of Layers 4 Layer
Minimum Trace/Space 0.1mm
Surface Finishing HASL LF
Profiling Punching Routing, V-CUT, Beveling


The Rigid Flex PCB, encompassing the foldable rigid circuit board, rigid flex printed wiring board, and bendable rigid printed wiring board, represents a pinnacle of technological innovation in the realm of electronic components. This hybrid construction serves as a cornerstone for complex electronic systems, merging the durability of traditional rigid PCBs with the versatility of flexible circuits. The product is distinguished by a minimum trace/space of 0.1mm, a maximum layer count of 52L, a surface finishing of HASL LF, and a bend radius ranging from 0.5-10mm, ensuring high precision and reliability.

One of the most compelling application scenarios for the Rigid Flex PCB is in wearable technology. The foldable rigid circuit board can be seamlessly integrated into smartwatches, fitness trackers, and health monitoring devices where flexibility and space constraints are paramount. The ability to conform to ergonomic designs without sacrificing the complex circuitry needed for advanced features is a testament to the product's versatility.

In the realm of aerospace and defense systems, the Rigid Flex Printed Wiring Board is invaluable. Its robustness enables it to withstand the extreme conditions of space and military environments, while its flexibility allows for the efficient use of space within the compact confines of satellites, avionics, and portable communication devices. The board's local high-density and back drill features ensure signal integrity even in the most challenging applications.

Consumer electronics such as smartphones, cameras, and laptops also benefit greatly from the application of the Rigid Flex PCB. The bendable rigid printed wiring board can be intricately folded to fit into slim and complex designs, maximizing internal space while supporting high-speed signal transmission and multiple functions. The product's adaptability makes it ideal for the continual miniaturization and sophistication of consumer devices.

Medical devices, particularly those that require precision and reliability, such as implantable pacemakers and portable diagnostic equipment, are perfect scenarios for the Rigid Flex PCB's deployment. The product's fine trace/space capability allows for high-density circuit designs critical in these life-saving devices, while the controlled bend radius ensures that the boards can withstand the mechanical stresses of daily use.

Finally, the automotive industry, with its increasing integration of electronic systems for safety, navigation, and entertainment, finds the Rigid Flex PCB's attributes particularly beneficial. From the engine control unit to in-dash displays, the board's resilience to vibration and temperature variations, coupled with its flexible design, makes it an indispensable component in modern vehicles.

In conclusion, the Rigid Flex PCB, with its superior design and engineering, is well-suited for a vast array of applications where space-saving, complex circuitry, and flexible form factors are in demand. Its technical attributes, including the ability to accommodate up to 52 layers and maintain fine trace spacing, make it an essential product for industries striving for innovation and efficiency.



Our Product Customization Services for Flex Rigid PCB cater to a diverse range of customer requirements. Offering PCB Assembly as the product type, we ensure high-quality construction using materials such as FR4, Polyimide, and PET. Our Flexible-Bendable PCB options provide varying degrees of flexibility, ranging from 1-8 times to suit your application needs.

With the capability to manufacture Rigid Flex Printed Wiring Board configurations from 1-28 layers, we can accommodate the complexity and density your project demands. To complete our offerings, we provide Surface Finishing with HASL LF, ensuring reliable solderability and a long shelf-life for your PCBs. Tailor your PCB to your exact specifications with our comprehensive customization services.


Support and Services:

Rigid Flex PCBs combine the best of both rigid boards and flexible circuits integrated together into one unit. Our technical support and services for Rigid Flex PCB products include comprehensive troubleshooting, product optimization, and design guidance to ensure your PCBs meet high-quality standards and are tailored to your specific application needs. Our team of experienced engineers offers assistance in material selection, stack-up planning, impedance control, thermal management, and more. Additionally, we provide detailed documentation and support for manufacturing processes to ensure the reliability and longevity of your Rigid Flex PCB. Our aim is to help you reduce production costs and time-to-market while maximizing the performance of your product.

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