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4 Layer Pcb Board Flexible Bendable Pcb With Sanforized Coating Hasl Lf Finish

4 Layer Pcb Board Flexible Bendable Pcb With Sanforized Coating Hasl Lf Finish

Hasl Lf Finish 4 Layer Pcb

Hasl Lf Finish Bendable Pcb

Sanforized Coating Bendable Pcb

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Product Details
Surface Finishing:
No Of Layers:
4 Layer
FR4, Polyimide, PET
Bend Radius:
1-8 Times
Minimum Trace/Space:
Product Type:
PCB Assembly
Local High Density, Back Drill
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Product Description

Density 4 Layer Flexible Bendable Pcb With Sanforized Coating Hasl Lf Finish

Product Description:

The Rigid Flex PCB, an innovative product in the realm of electronic components, symbolizes the fusion of robustness and flexibility, allowing for a new dimension of design and reliability. This foldable rigid circuit board combines the structural integrity of traditional rigid PCBs with the adaptability of flexible printed wiring boards, making it an essential component in the modern electronics industry. The Rigid Flex PCB Assembly is crafted from a variety of high-quality materials, including FR4, Polyimide, and PET, which are renowned for their electrical insulation and mechanical durability.

The FR4 material is a common choice for the rigid portion of the PCB due to its excellent flame resistance, electrical insulation, and impressive mechanical properties. Polyimide, on the other hand, is utilized for the flexible layers of the Rigid Flex Printed Wiring Board because of its flexibility, heat resistance, and chemical stability. PET, or Polyethylene Terephthalate, is another material used in these PCBs for its flexibility, as well as its lightweight and cost-effective nature. The strategic combination of these materials in a single PCB assembly allows for a design that can withstand the demands of a variety of applications while also providing the unique ability to fold and flex during use.

Our Rigid Flex PCB products are characterized by a maximum layer count of up to 52 layers (52L). This remarkable layering capability allows for the dense packing of circuits in a compact form factor, enabling sophisticated electronics to fit into smaller spaces without compromising on performance. The multilayer design is adept at meeting the requirements of complex circuitry, ensuring signal integrity and providing ample space for necessary components.

In terms of surface finishing, the Rigid Flex PCB comes with HASL LF (Hot Air Solder Leveling Lead-Free) as a standard option, which offers a reliable, cost-effective solution with a flat surface for soldering. This finish is particularly beneficial for applications that require lead-free solutions, adhering to environmental regulations and ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

The Rigid Flex PCB also offers an array of surface treatment options to enhance its performance and longevity. These treatments include ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold), OSP (Organic Solderability Preservatives), Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin, and Immersion Silver. Each of these treatments has its unique benefits. ENIG provides a flat surface and a long shelf life, OSP ensures good solderability without lead, Immersion Gold offers excellent surface planarity and is good for fine-pitch components, Immersion Tin is cost-effective and offers good solderability, and Immersion Silver provides excellent conductivity and is also good for fine-pitch components.

The versatility of the Rigid Flex PCB is further highlighted by its foldable nature. The Flex Rigid PCB is designed to be folded into a variety of shapes, allowing it to fit into unconventional spaces and shapes, making it ideal for a wide range of applications including wearable electronics, medical devices, and aerospace technology. This folding capability not only conserves space but also reduces the need for connectors and cables, resulting in a more reliable and efficient electrical connection.

Overall, the Rigid Flex PCB stands out as a product that offers a perfect balance between the mechanical rigidity required for certain electronic components and the adaptability necessary for others. Its high layer count, quality materials, versatile surface finishing options, and foldable design make it a highly sought-after solution in the electronics manufacturing industry. The ability to withstand harsh environments while maintaining electrical performance makes the Rigid Flex Printed Wiring Board an indispensable tool in the development of cutting-edge electronic devices.



  • Product Name: Rigid Flex PCB
  • No Of Layers: 4 Layer
  • Dimension: 41.55*131mm
  • Sanforized: Local High Density, Back Drill
  • Pcb Layer: 1-28layers
  • Surface Finishing: HASL LF
  • Bendable Printed Circuit Board Technology
  • Flexible-Bendable PCB Design
  • Foldable Rigid Circuit Board Structure

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameter Specification
Surface Finishing HASL LF
Profiling Punching Routing, V-CUT, Beveling
Product Type PCB Assembly
Max Layer 52L
Pcb Layer 1-28 layers
Bend Radius 0.5-10mm
Treatment ENIG/OSP/Immersion Gold/Tin/Silver
Material FR4, Polyimide, PET
Sanforized Local High Density, Back Drill
Components SMD, BGA, DIP, Etc.


The Flex Rigid PCB, a technological marvel combining the best attributes of flexible and rigid circuit boards, is an essential component in modern electronics. The Rigid Flexible Printed Circuit Board is designed with precision, boasting a hole position deviation of just ±0.05mm, ensuring high accuracy for component assembly. This level of precision is critical in applications where space is at a premium and the alignment of hundreds or thousands of components is crucial for the functionality of the final product.

Moreover, the Rigid Flex PCB is sanforized to cater to local high-density requirements. The back drill technique used further enhances the performance by reducing any unnecessary capacitance and improving signal integrity. This makes the Rigid Flex PCB ideal for complex electronics where every millimeter of the circuit board is optimized for maximum efficiency and performance.

With the capability of being manufactured up to 52 layers (Max Layer: 52L), these boards offer unparalleled complexity and functionality. The dimensions of 41.55*131mm provide a compact footprint, suitable for intricate designs where space-saving is essential. Such multi-layered boards are often utilized in high-performance environments like aerospace, military, and medical devices, where reliability and durability are non-negotiable.

The treatment options for the Rigid Flex PCB, including ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold), OSP (Organic Solderability Preservatives), Immersion Gold, Tin, and Silver, provide a range of surface finishes that enhance solderability and protect against oxidation. Each treatment option is chosen based on the specific requirements of the application, ensuring that the final product meets the highest standards of quality and longevity.

Given its robust design and versatile treatment options, the Flex Rigid PCB finds its application in various scenarios, from wearables that require the comfort and adaptability of flexible areas to high-end consumer electronics where space and reliability are crucial. In the automotive industry, the Rigid Flex PCB can withstand the harsh environment while providing reliable performance over a vehicle’s lifespan. Additionally, in the rapidly growing field of IoT (Internet of Things), these boards are integral in connecting a multitude of sensors and devices with compact and efficient designs.

In summary, the Flex Rigid PCB stands out as an advanced solution for a wide range of applications. Its precision, density, and multi-layer capability, along with diverse treatment options, make it an indispensable component for any application that demands the highest standards of reliability and functionality.



Our Flex Rigid PCB customization services cater to a diverse range of components including SMD, BGA, DIP, and more, ensuring compatibility with various electronic applications. With the capability to construct up to 52L (52-layer) boards, our advanced manufacturing processes allow for precise hole position deviation of ±0.05mm . Our Bendable Printed Circuit Board products are engineered for resilience, offering flexibility from 1 to 8 times to accommodate your dynamic bending needs.

Additionally, we provide a variety of profiling punching options such as Routing , V-CUT , and Beveling to ensure that your Flexible-Bendable PCB meets the exact shape and design requirements of your project. Choose our product customization services for a tailored solution that integrates seamlessly into your technological framework.


Support and Services:

Rigid Flex PCB products combine the best of both rigid boards and flexible circuits integrated together into one unit. Our technical support and services for Rigid Flex PCBs are designed to address any issues that you may encounter during the design, manufacturing, assembly, and application of our products. We offer comprehensive support to ensure product reliability and performance.

Our technical support includes:

  • Design Assistance - Our experts can help with the initial design and layout to ensure your Rigid Flex PCB meets your specific needs and complies with industry standards.
  • Material Selection Guidance - We offer advice on choosing the right materials for your application to optimize the performance and longevity of the PCB.
  • Manufacturing Process Support - We provide insights into our manufacturing processes to ensure the highest quality of your Rigid Flex PCBs.
  • Quality Assurance - Our QA team conducts rigorous testing and inspection to ensure that each PCB meets our high-quality standards before shipment.
  • Technical Troubleshooting - If you encounter any issues with your PCB, our technical team is on hand to troubleshoot and provide solutions to get your project back on track.

Our services include:

  • Prototyping - We offer quick-turn prototyping services to help you validate your design before full-scale production.
  • Small to Large Volume Production - Whether you need a small batch or large-scale production, we are equipped to handle your order with precision and efficiency.
  • After-Sales Support - Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond delivery, with after-sales support to address any post-purchase inquiries or concerns.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional support and services for our Rigid Flex PCB products to ensure the success of your projects. Our team is ready to assist you with any technical needs that may arise throughout the lifecycle of your product.

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