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20 Layer PCB Board With Multigroup Impedance Control VIPPO Under Paste TU-933

20 Layer PCB Board With Multigroup Impedance Control VIPPO Under Paste TU-933

20 Layer PCB Impedance Control

Impedance Control hdi multilayer pcb

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Product Details
Layer Count:
4-20 Layers
Minimum Hole Size:
Impedance Control:
Pcb Name:
4L 1+N+1 HDI Boards
Aspect Ratio:
Hole Size:
0.1mm Laser Drill
100% E-Testing,X-RAY
Key Words:
High Density Interconnector
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Product Description

20 Layers HDI PCB Board with multigroup Impedance Control VIPPO Under paste TU-933

Product Description:

The HDI PCB Board is an advanced technological product that represents one of the most innovative solutions in printed circuit board (PCB) design, catering to the growing demands for compact yet high-performance electronic devices. HDI, which stands for High-Density Interconnector, is a technology that allows for a more densely packed board with finer lines and spaces, smaller vias and capture pads, and higher connection pad densities. This high-density technology is particularly beneficial for applications such as HD SDI Converters, which require reliable high-speed signal transmission within a compact footprint.

Our HDI PCB Board is meticulously engineered with a thickness range of 0.4-3.2mm, accommodating various application requirements from slim, portable devices to more robust, high-power electronics. The versatility in thickness also ensures that our boards can be customized to fit into an array of housings and enclosures, making them suitable for a multitude of high-speed PCB board applications. The adaptability in design is further enhanced by our capability to drill holes with a minimum size of 0.15mm, making it possible to achieve a high level of precision and reliability for the smallest components.

The aspect ratio of our HDI PCB Board stands at 10:1, signifying the ratio of the board's thickness to the diameter of the drilled hole. This is a critical parameter as it impacts the plating quality of the vias. An aspect ratio of 10:1 is indicative of our commitment to high-quality standards, ensuring that even with the smallest vias, the plating is consistent and reliable, which is paramount for the functionality of HDI Printed Circuit Boards in high-speed and high-frequency applications.

Quality assurance is a cornerstone of our product's reliability. We employ comprehensive testing methods, including 100% E-Testing and X-RAY inspections, to validate the integrity and functionality of every HDI PCB Board we manufacture. The E-Testing checks for shorts, opens, and ensures electrical performance meets the specified requirements. X-RAY inspection is used to verify the internal structures of the board, such as the alignment and registration of the layers, and the quality of the vias, which is especially important for HDI boards where the structures are too small to be evaluated by optical means alone. These rigorous testing protocols guarantee that each board functions correctly and consistently, providing peace of mind to our clients that their product will perform to the highest standards.

The raw material used for our HDI PCB Boards is FR4 IT180, a high-quality, flame-retardant laminate known for its excellent electrical properties, mechanical strength, and thermal resistance. IT180 material is specifically designed for high-performance applications where long-term reliability and stability are crucial. This material is particularly suited for high speed PCB boards as it has a low dielectric constant and a low dissipation factor, which minimizes signal loss and supports superior signal integrity at high frequencies. This makes it an ideal choice for products like HD SDI Converters, where maintaining signal fidelity is of utmost importance.

In summary, our HDI PCB Board is a state-of-the-art solution for advanced electronic applications that demand high density, precision, and reliability. With features such as a thickness range of 0.4-3.2mm, minimum hole size of 0.15mm, aspect ratio of 10:1, and robust testing protocols including 100% E-Testing and X-RAY inspections, this product stands out in the market. Manufactured using the high-grade FR4 IT180 raw material, it ensures exceptional performance, especially in high-speed environments. Whether for HD SDI Converters or any other high-speed PCB board applications, our HDI Printed Circuit Boards offer the quality and reliability required for the most demanding electronic designs.



  • Product Name: HDI PCB Board
  • Testing: 100% E-Testing, X-RAY
  • Board Layer: 6-32L
  • Minimum Hole Size: 0.15mm
  • Min Trace: 3/3Mil
  • Pcb Name: 4L 1+N+1 HDI Boards
  • Design: High Density Model Board
  • Type: HDI Printed Circuit Boards

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Special Requirements Lamp Socket
Key Words High Density Interconnector
Minimum Hole Size 0.15mm
Testing 100%E-Testing, X-RAY
Special Request Half Hole, 0.25mm BGA
Thickness 0.4-3.2mm
Min Trace 3/3Mil
Pcb Name 4L 1+N+1 HDI Boards
Aspect Ratio 10:1
Layer Count 4-20 Layers


The HDI (High Density Interconnect) PCB Board is an advanced type of printed circuit board (PCB) known for its high-density attributes, incorporating finer lines and spaces, smaller vias and capture pads, and higher connection pad density than traditional PCBs. With layers ranging from 6-32L, these boards are capable of supporting complex and multi-layered designs required in high-speed PCB applications.

Featuring a minuscule hole size of 0.1mm achieved through laser drilling technology, these HDI PCB Boards are designed to accommodate the latest in electronic component miniaturization. This level of precision drilling is essential for creating the micro-vias that are integral to the high density model board design, supporting the trend towards smaller, more efficient, and faster-operating devices.

The special request for half holes and a 0.25mm BGA (Ball Grid Array) pitch underlines the board's suitability for advanced packaging technologies used in high-speed PCBs. The half-hole technique is particularly beneficial for creating edge connections and interfaces, while the tight BGA pitch ensures a more compact, high performance interconnect solution, which is crucial in high-speed data processing applications.

With a thickness range of 0.4-3.2mm, these HDI PCB Boards offer versatility in terms of mechanical strength and board profile, making them suitable for a wide range of product applications. The use of FR4 IT180 as the raw material provides the boards with high thermal resistance and mechanical stability, which are critical in maintaining the integrity and reliability of high speed PCBs under operational stress.

The HDI PCB Board's attributes make it an ideal choice for a variety of occasions and scenarios. In the realm of computing, they are extensively used in laptops, tablets, and servers where high speed and density are paramount for efficient data processing and transfer. In the telecommunications sector, these boards are found in routers, switches, and base stations which require high-speed signal transmission. In consumer electronics, they are used in smartphones, cameras, and gaming consoles, where space is at a premium and high-speed data processing is essential. Additionally, medical devices and aerospace electronics, which demand high reliability and precision, also utilize HDI PCB Boards for critical applications.

In summary, the HDI PCB Board is a cornerstone in the development of modern high-speed electronic devices. Its design specifications, including multiple layers, fine hole size, special requests for half hole and BGA pitch, along with a robust thickness range using FR4 IT180 material, make it an indispensable component in the electronics industry. From handheld devices to powerful computing infrastructures, the HDI PCB Board is at the heart of innovation, driving the future of high-speed technology.



PCB Name: 4L 1+N+1 HDI Boards - Ideal for applications requiring a High Density Interconnector with advanced capabilities suitable for HD SDI Converter systems. This High Density PCB is designed to cater to sophisticated electronics that demand precise impedance control and high-speed signal transmission.

Impedance Control: Yes - Engineered with exacting standards to ensure consistent electrical performance, this board is perfect for high-speed applications, making it a reliable choice for your High Speed PCB needs.

Special Requirements: Lamp Socket - Customized to include a lamp socket feature, ensuring seamless integration with specialized lighting systems or components that require a light source.

Raw Material: FR4 IT180 - Manufactured using high-quality FR4 IT180 substrate material to provide optimal thermal endurance and mechanical strength for your high-density circuit designs.


Support and Services:

The HDI PCB Board product is supported by a comprehensive range of technical support and services designed to ensure the best possible experience for our users. Our support services include:

Technical Documentation: Access to detailed product manuals, technical guides, and specifications to assist with product understanding, installation, and operation.

Online Knowledge Base: A resource-rich online repository of FAQs, troubleshooting tips, and best practices for the HDI PCB Board, available 24/7 for your convenience.

Firmware Updates: Regular updates to firmware to improve functionality, add new features, and address any known issues.

Product Training: Comprehensive training sessions for users to get the most out of their HDI PCB Board, covering everything from basic operation to advanced features.

Technical Assistance: Access to our team of technical experts who can provide guidance and problem-solving support via various channels.

Repair Services: Should your HDI PCB Board require repair, we provide efficient and reliable service to get your product back to optimal condition.

Parts Replacement: We offer a full range of genuine parts to ensure your HDI PCB Board maintains its performance and longevity.

Our commitment is to provide you with the highest level of support to ensure your HDI PCB Board operates reliably and meets your needs. For further assistance or to access our technical support services, please refer to the specific contact methods provided with your product documentation.

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