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Durable Fr4 It180 4-20 Layer HDI Printed Circuit Board For Electronics

Durable Fr4 It180 4-20 Layer HDI Printed Circuit Board For Electronics

Electronics HDI Printed Circuit Board

Electronics hdi multilayer pcb

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Product Details
Raw Material:
FR4 IT180
Layer Count:
4-20 Layers
Special Request:
Half Hole, 0.25mm BGA
Minimum Hole Size:
Hole Size:
0.1mm Laser Drill
Pcb Name:
4L 1+N+1 HDI Boards
Impedance Control:
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Product Description

Fr4 It180 4-20 Layer Hdi Printed Circuit Boards Half Hole Bga Testing Impedance Control

Product Description:

The HDI PCB (High Density Interconnector Printed Circuit Board) represents the cutting edge of PCB technology, where the focus is on providing the highest density of components and interconnections in a compact and efficient design. HDI PCBs are ideal for sophisticated electronic applications where space is at a premium, and performance requirements are rigorous. The HDI PCB Board excels in delivering unparalleled electrical performance and reliability in an impressively dense package.

Constructed from high-quality FR4 IT180 raw material, this HDI PCB is designed to withstand the thermal and mechanical stresses encountered in demanding electronic applications. The FR4 IT180 material offers excellent thermal endurance, mechanical strength, and dimensional stability, making it a preferred choice for high-reliability HDI PCBs. This material is not only robust but also has a low dielectric constant and dissipation factor, which ensures superior electrical performance for the finished HDI PCB product.

In terms of design, the board boasts a 6-layer (6L) configuration, providing ample space for complex circuits while maintaining a slim profile. This multi-layer design allows for a more sophisticated routing of signals and power distribution throughout the HDI PCB, enhancing its overall performance and enabling the integration of more functionality into a smaller form factor. The 6-layer structure is a testament to the HDI technology's ability to achieve higher circuit densities and improved signal integrity.

One of the most critical aspects of an HDI PCB is its aspect ratio, and this particular board features a remarkable aspect ratio of 10:1. The aspect ratio is the ratio of the PCB's thickness to the diameter of the smallest drilled hole. A higher aspect ratio indicates the ability to have smaller vias in a thicker board, which is crucial for high density PCB designs. This elevated aspect ratio is indicative of the advanced capabilities of the HDI PCB, allowing for finer lines and spaces, as well as the use of microvias, which are essential for miniaturization and multi-layering in high-density designs.

When it comes to the precision of the circuitry, the HDI PCB Board stands out with a minimum trace (min trace) specification of 3/3Mil. This minuscule trace width and spacing permit a higher concentration of traces per unit area, essential for high-speed signal transmission and complex circuit patterns. The 3/3Mil min trace is a clear demonstration of the High Density PCB's capability to support intricate, high-precision electronic designs that demand tight tolerances and exceptional electrical performance.

Overall, the HDI PCB Board is a paragon of advanced PCB design, incorporating a high aspect ratio, superior raw material, and tight trace specifications. The combination of these attributes results in a High Density PCB that meets the most stringent requirements of modern electronic devices. With its robust construction and sophisticated design, the HDI PCB is well-suited for a myriad of applications, ranging from compact consumer electronics to high-performance industrial systems. By choosing this HDI PCB, designers and engineers are empowered to push the boundaries of what is possible in electronic device miniaturization, performance, and functionality.



  • Product Name: HDI PCB Board
  • Key Words: High Density Interconnector, HD SDI Converter, High Density PCB, High Speed PCB
  • Hole Size: 0.1mm Laser Drill
  • Board Thickness: 0.2mm-6.00mm (8mil-126mil)
  • Raw Material: FR4 IT180
  • Pcb Name: 4L 1+N+1 HDI Boards

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Details
Testing 100% E-Testing, X-RAY
Key Words High Density Interconnector, High Speed PCB Board, HD SDI Converter, High Speed PCB
Layer Count 4-20 Layers
Minimum Hole Size 0.15mm
Pcb Name 4L 1+N+1 HDI Boards
Special Request Half Hole, 0.25mm BGA
Special Requirements Lamp Socket
Board Layer 6L
Impedance Control Yes
Board Thickness 0.2mm-6.00 mm (8mil-126mil)


The HDI (High Density Interconnector) PCB Board, with its advanced capabilities, is designed to cater to a variety of applications that demand high precision and miniaturization. It stands out as an integral component in the development of high-speed PCB boards, where maintaining signal integrity and reducing electromagnetic interference are paramount. The HDI PCB Board, featuring a 0.1mm laser drill for hole size, allows for higher component density, which is crucial in modern electronic devices where space is at a premium.

The HDI PCB Board's minimum trace width and spacing of 3/3mil make it an ideal choice for applications requiring intricate patterns and high-speed signal transmission. This fine line technology supports the growing needs for more functionality and performance in smaller form factors. An aspect ratio of 10:1 further emphasizes its capability to support high-density components while maintaining reliability and connectivity within circuits. The minimum hole size of 0.15mm aids in achieving the level of precision required for complex designs.

The HDI PCB Board is versatile, finding its place in various high-speed PCB applications. It is particularly suited for use in the telecommunications industry, where high-speed data transfer and signal clarity are essential. In the computing sector, the HDI PCB Board is integral for laptops, tablets, and servers that require compact, high-performance circuitry. The aerospace and automotive industries also benefit from the HDI PCB's capabilities, incorporating them into systems where reliability and performance are critical under extreme conditions.

Moreover, the HDI PCB Board is tailored to meet the special requirements of a lamp socket. The precision in hole size and the fine trace capabilities ensure that the board can accommodate the intricate electrical connections needed for lamp socket applications, which are often compact and require efficient power management.

In summary, the HDI PCB Board is a versatile and high-performance solution for various high-speed PCB applications. Whether it is for consumer electronics, automotive safety systems, or industrial lighting applications, the HDI PCB Board delivers the precision, reliability, and performance required to meet the challenges of modern electronic design and functionality.



Our HDI PCB Board product customization services cater to a diverse range of requirements for HDI PCB Manufacturing. We ensure that every HDI PCB Board undergoes 100% E-Testing and X-RAY verification to guarantee high-quality standards that meet your expectations. Our capabilities include producing multilayered HDI PCB Boards ranging from 4-20 Layers, designed to support complex and compact electronic assemblies like those found in DDR4 PCB applications.

With advanced precision drilling technology, we can achieve a Minimum Hole Size of 0.15mm, allowing for high-density interconnects that are essential for miniaturization without compromising on performance. The use of top-grade FR4 IT180 as Raw Material ensures that the HDI PCB Boards are durable and reliable, with an Aspect Ratio of 10:1, suitable for a wide array of high-speed digital applications, including DDR4 PCBs.


Support and Services:

The HDI PCB Board product comes with comprehensive technical support and services to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and performance. Our support includes detailed product documentation, a library of technical resources, and access to our online support portal. Customers can also take advantage of our troubleshooting guides, instructional videos, and a frequently asked questions section for quick resolution of common issues.

Our dedicated technical support team is available to provide expert advice and assistance with any product-related queries or challenges. We offer guidance on board design optimization, material selection, and layout considerations to help enhance the performance and reliability of your HDI PCB Board applications.

In addition to technical assistance, we provide a range of services to support the lifecycle of your HDI PCB Board. This includes revision control, lifecycle management, and end-of-life support to ensure your product remains up-to-date and compliant with industry standards. Our commitment to service excellence ensures that you receive the support you need to maximize the benefits of your HDI PCB Board investment.

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