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Impedance Controlled FR-4 HDI PCBs White/Black/Yellow Silkscreen 3mil Line

Impedance Controlled FR-4 HDI PCBs White/Black/Yellow Silkscreen 3mil Line

Impedance Controlled HDI PCBs

Impedance Controlled any layer pcb


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Product Details
Minimum Hole Size:
Lead Time:
2-5 Days
Impedance Control:
Layer Count:
Any Layer
Minimum Line Width/Spacing:
Silkscreen Color:
White, Black, Yellow
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Product Description

Impedance Controlled FR-4 HDI PCBs White/Black/Yellow Silkscreen 3mil Line Width/Spacing

Product Description:

The HDI (High Density Interconnect) Any Layer PCBs represent the pinnacle of advanced circuit board technology, embodying sophisticated multilayer high-density printed circuit board designs that cater to the most demanding electronic applications. These PCBs are meticulously crafted to accommodate a high density of components on a miniature interconnect system, enabling superior performance and reliability for a broad range of industries, including aerospace, medical, telecommunications, and consumer electronics.

At the core of the HDI Any Layer PCBs lies the unmatched capability for impedance control. This critical feature guarantees the stability of signal integrity across the board, a vital aspect for high-speed and high-frequency circuits where precise impedance matching is paramount. By maintaining tight tolerances on the impedance of traces, these PCBs ensure consistent electrical performance, which is particularly crucial in sophisticated electronic devices where data transmission speeds are essential.

To ensure the highest quality and reliability of each HDI Any Layer PCB, rigorous testing protocols are in place. Employing advanced methods such as the Flying Probe Test and E-test, each PCB is meticulously inspected for any potential defects. The Flying Probe Test, a type of in-circuit test, utilizes probes to electrically test the PCB without the need for a dedicated fixture, offering a flexible and accurate testing solution. On the other hand, the E-test, or Electrical Test, is conducted to check for opens or shorts that could compromise the functionality of the PCB.

With a versatile thickness range from a slender 0.2mm to a robust 6.0mm, HDI Any Layer PCBs can be tailored to fit the requirements of any application, whether it demands slim profiles for compact devices or thicker boards for enhanced durability and support for heavier components. This adaptability ensures that designers have the flexibility to optimize their PCBs for specific use cases without compromising on performance or structural integrity.

The copper weight of these PCBs can be customized between 0.5oz to 6oz, allowing for fine-tuning of current carrying capacity and thermal management. This flexibility in copper weight is essential for accommodating different power requirements and ensures that the multilayer high-density printed circuit board can handle the electrical demands of today's high-performance components.

When it comes to surface finishes, the HDI Any Layer PCBs offer a range of options. HASL (Hot Air Solder Leveling) is a widely used finish that provides a thick, robust coating, ideal for wave soldering. ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold) offers excellent surface planarity and is particularly suitable for fine-pitch components, ensuring reliable solder joints. Immersion Silver provides a flat surface and good solderability, while OSP (Organic Solderability Preservatives) offers a clean and environmentally friendly option that preserves the copper surface from oxidation during storage and before soldering processes.

Each HDI Any Layer PCB is a marvel of engineering, providing a multilayer high-density printed circuit board with the finesse of a miniature interconnect system. The combination of advanced features such as impedance control, comprehensive testing, customizable thickness and copper weight, along with a selection of high-quality surface finishes, make these PCBs the preferred choice for applications where only the best will do. By integrating these attributes, the HDI Any Layer PCBs push the boundaries of what's possible in electronic design, enabling the development of smaller, faster, and more powerful electronic devices.



  • Product Name: HDI Any Layer PCBs
  • High-Density Interconnect Board
  • High Density Interconnect Any Layer
  • Testing: Flying Probe Test, E-test
  • Min. Finished Hole Size: 0.1mm
  • Minimum Hole Size: 0.1mm
  • Material: FR-4
  • Min. Annular Ring: 3mil
  • High-Density Interconnect

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Specification
Material FR-4
Layer Count Any Layer
Minimum Hole Size 0.1mm
Thickness 0.2mm-6.0mm
Testing Flying Probe Test, E-test
Copper Weight 0.5oz-6oz
Solder Mask Color Green, Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, White
Impedance Control Yes
Silkscreen Color White, Black, Yellow
Min. Annular Ring 3mil


The High Density Interconnect (HDI) Any Layer PCBs are at the cutting edge of printed circuit board (PCB) technology, offering versatile solutions for various complex electronic applications. With attributes such as a minimum line width/spacing of 3mil/3mil, any layer count capability, a thickness range from 0.2mm to 6.0mm, minimum hole size down to 0.1mm, and precise impedance control, HDI Any Layer PCBs are ideal for modern high-density assembly systems.

These advanced High-Density Interconnect Boards are particularly suitable for occasions and scenarios where space and weight are at a premium, such as in mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets. Their ability to support any layer count makes them perfect for multifunctional devices that require numerous connections within a compact space. The small feature size and high layer count enable the integration of more functions on a single board, leading to thinner, lighter products with enhanced performance.

In the field of medical devices, the HDI Any Layer PCBs provide reliability and precision critical for patient safety. High-frequency medical imaging systems, portable medical monitors, and advanced surgical instruments rely on the high-density assembly system offered by HDI technology to ensure accurate and consistent performance even in the most demanding applications.

Aerospace and military applications also benefit from the HDI Any Layer technology. Equipment in these sectors requires PCBs that can withstand extreme conditions while maintaining functionality. The robustness provided by the specified thickness range, combined with the precision of impedance control, makes these HDI boards suitable for use in avionics, satellite systems, and military communication devices, where reliability is non-negotiable.

Moreover, in the automotive industry, HDI Any Layer PCBs are increasingly used due to their ability to handle high-speed signals and support advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). The compact size and lightweight nature of these High-Density Interconnect Boards are crucial for modern vehicles where space is limited and efficiency is paramount.

Finally, the computing and data storage sectors reap the benefits of HDI Any Layer PCBs through their application in servers, high-performance computers, and storage devices. The superior electrical performance and high interconnect density make it possible to meet the ever-increasing demands for faster processing speeds and greater data bandwidth.

In conclusion, the versatility of the HDI Any Layer PCBs makes them indispensable in the advancement of electronic products. Whether it is for consumer electronics, medical equipment, aerospace and defense, automotive, or computing, the High Density Interconnect Any Layer PCBs provide the foundation for the next generation of high-density assembly systems.



Our High-Density Interconnect (HDI) Any Layer PCBs offer premium product customization services to meet the demands of advanced electronic applications. With a minimum hole size of 0.1mm, our high-density wiring boards are designed to support intricate layouts and high-component density.

The layer count for our HDI Any Layer PCBs is fully customizable, allowing for flexibility in design and functionality that is essential for High-Density Interconnect technology. Customers have the option to specify the exact number of layers needed for their particular application.

Quality assurance is a top priority, and we conduct thorough testing using both Flying Probe Test and E-test methods to ensure the reliability and performance of our HDI PCBs.

Constructed with durable FR-4 material, our PCBs are built to last and can withstand the rigors of complex electronic devices. The FR-4 material provides excellent electrical insulation and stability for your HDI applications.

Customization extends to aesthetic preferences as well, with silkscreen color options available in White, Black, or Yellow to match your product design or branding requirements. Our High-Density Interconnect Any Layer PCBs are not only functional but also visually tailored to your specifications.


Support and Services:

Our HDI (High Density Interconnect) Any Layer PCBs are designed to offer superior performance and reliability for demanding applications. In order to ensure that you get the most out of our product, we provide comprehensive technical support and services tailored to meet your needs. Our support includes assistance with design considerations, material selection, and stack-up recommendations to optimize the performance of your HDI PCBs.

We also offer detailed guidance on layout, routing, and thermal management to ensure high-quality signal integrity and long-term reliability. Our technical team is equipped to assist you with any challenges related to the use of our HDI Any Layer PCBs, including troubleshooting and optimization of manufacturing processes.

For any technical inquiries or issues, our dedicated support team is available to provide expert advice and solutions. We are committed to providing you with the assistance needed to integrate our HDI Any Layer PCBs seamlessly into your projects, ensuring optimal functionality and performance.

Our services include ongoing product updates and recommendations so that you can stay informed about the latest advancements in HDI technology. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, and we strive to provide services that enhance the value and effectiveness of our HDI Any Layer PCBs.

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