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Turnaround Any Layer HDI PCB With Minimum 3mil Line HASL / ENIG Surface Finish ROGERS+FR4

Turnaround Any Layer HDI PCB With Minimum 3mil Line HASL / ENIG Surface Finish ROGERS+FR4

Turnaround Any Layer HDI PCB

ENIG Surface Any Layer HDI PCB

HASL Surface any layer pcb

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Product Details
Min. Finished Hole Size:
Minimum Line Width/Spacing:
Impedance Control:
Layer Count:
Any Layer
Surface Finish:
HASL, ENIG, Immersion Silver, OSP
Lead Time:
2-5 Days
Solder Mask Color:
Green, Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, White
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Product Description

Turnaround HDI Any Layer PCB with Minimum 3mil Line HASL / ENIG Surface Finish ROGERS+FR4

Product Description:

The HDI Any Layer PCBs represent the pinnacle of precision engineering in the realm of multilayer interconnect systems. Designed to cater to the most complex and demanding circuits, these printed circuit boards stand as a testament to the advancements in the electronic component miniaturization and sophisticated circuit designs. Employing the robust and widely recognized FR-4 material, these PCBs are not only durable but also exhibit excellent thermal resistance and electrical insulation, making them a staple in a wide range of high-performance applications.

When it comes to the copper weight, the HDI Any Layer PCBs offer a versatile range that spans from 0.5oz to 6oz. This range allows for precise adjustment of the copper thickness to match the current-carrying requirements of different applications, ensuring both the reliability and efficiency of the board. Whether the design calls for lighter copper to accommodate more intricate features, or heavier copper for higher power applications, these PCBs can be tailored to meet those specifications.

One of the critical attributes of these high-density interconnect boards is their impedance control capability. Impedance control is essential for maintaining signal integrity in high-speed circuits where even slight deviations can lead to significant performance degradation. By ensuring consistent impedance across the board, the HDI Any Layer PCBs facilitate optimal signal transmission, which is crucial for advanced electronics that rely on fast and accurate communication between components.

As for aesthetics and functionality, the HDI Any Layer PCBs come with a choice of silkscreen colors including white, black, and yellow. These options not only enhance the visual appeal of the boards but also serve practical purposes. The contrasting silkscreen colors enable clear labeling and easy identification of components, test points, and instructions, which is invaluable during both the assembly process and in servicing or diagnostics of the finished product.

The defining feature of the HDI Any Layer PCBs is, as the name suggests, their ability to support any layer count. This extraordinary flexibility makes them a miniature interconnect system that can be customized to fit an endless variety of applications, from simple devices to the most complex systems requiring numerous layers to accommodate all the necessary circuits and connections. The layer count adaptability also allows for future upgrades or modifications, ensuring that the PCB can evolve alongside the technological advancements of the device it powers.

These HDI Any Layer PCBs are more than just a platform for electronic components; they are a sophisticated multilayer interconnect system engineered for excellence. The meticulous attention to detail, from material choice to impedance control, and the customization options available, demonstrate a commitment to providing a product that not only meets but exceeds the stringent requirements of modern electronics manufacturing.

In conclusion, the HDI Any Layer PCBs are a superior choice for any project requiring a high-density interconnect board. With their robust FR-4 material, a broad range of copper weights, precise impedance control, customizable silkscreen colors, and unlimited layer count, they offer unparalleled versatility and performance. Whether for consumer electronics, medical devices, telecommunications, or aerospace applications, these PCBs are sure to deliver reliability, efficiency, and high-quality interconnectivity, solidifying their place as a critical component in the advancement of electronic technology.



  • Product Name: HDI Any Layer PCBs
  • Silkscreen Color: White, Black, Yellow
  • Min. Finished Hole Size: 0.1mm
  • Layer Count: Any Layer
  • Lead Time: 2-5 Days
  • Minimum Line Width/Spacing: 3mil/3mil
  • High Density Interconnect Any Layer technology for complex designs
  • Utilizes High-Density Interconnect methodologies for improved electrical performance
  • Advanced Multilayer Interconnect System to support various applications

Technical Parameters:

Silkscreen Color White, Black, Yellow
Solder Mask Color Green, Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, White
Testing Flying Probe Test, E-test
Minimum Line Width/Spacing 3mil/3mil
Min. Annular Ring 3mil
Material FR-4
Lead Time 2-5 Days
Minimum Hole Size 0.1mm
Thickness 0.2mm-6.0mm
Min. Finished Hole Size 0.1mm


The Multilayer High-Density Printed Circuit Board (HDI Any Layer PCBs) is a pinnacle of modern PCB technology, offering unprecedented flexibility and reliability for a multitude of applications. These boards are designed to meet the rigorous demands of high-performance electronic devices, where space is at a premium and signal integrity is paramount. The HDI Any Layer PCBs boast a range of solder mask colors including green, red, blue, black, yellow, and white, allowing for customization and easy identification during the assembly process.

With a minimum hole size of 0.1mm, these High Density Interconnect Any Layer PCBs facilitate the inclusion of more components in a compact space, enhancing the functionality of the end product without compromising on size. This feature is particularly beneficial in applications such as smartphones, tablets, and other portable electronic devices where space savings are crucial for the integration of additional features.

The importance of impedance control cannot be overstated in the realm of high-speed circuitry. The HDI Any Layer PCBs offer precise impedance control, ensuring that signal integrity is maintained across the board. This is particularly vital in applications such as high-speed communication infrastructure, advanced computing systems, and sophisticated military and aerospace electronics where consistent performance is critical.

To guarantee the reliability of each Multilayer High-Density Printed Circuit Board, rigorous testing is conducted including the Flying Probe Test and E-test. These testing protocols ensure that each PCB is free from defects and meets the stringent quality standards required in medical devices, automotive electronics, and other high-reliability industries.

Lastly, the silkscreen color options for the HDI Any Layer PCBs—white, black, and yellow—provide clear and legible markings for component identification and placement, which is essential during the assembly process. Industries such as consumer electronics manufacturing and industrial automation where complex assemblies are common will find this feature particularly advantageous.

In conclusion, the HDI Any Layer PCBs product is an essential component for any high-tech application where Multilayer High-Density Printed Circuit Boards are required. Its versatility and high performance make it suitable for a wide range of scenarios, from everyday consumer gadgets to the most advanced and demanding electronic systems.



Our High-Density Interconnect Board (HDI) Any Layer PCBs offer a range of product customization services designed to meet your specific requirements. With an impressive lead time of 2-5 days, we ensure that your project maintains momentum without compromising on quality.

The High Density Interconnect Any Layer PCBs feature a minimum annular ring of 3mil, ensuring robust pad connections, and a minimum hole size of 0.1mm, accommodating the finest through-holes for complex designs and High-Density Assembly Systems.

We can accommodate any layer count necessary for your project, providing the flexibility to support intricate designs and advanced electronic applications.

To enhance the performance and longevity of your PCBs, we offer a variety of surface finishes including HASL, ENIG, Immersion Silver, and OSP. Each finish is applied with precision to ensure reliable solderability and protection against oxidation.

Choose our HDI Any Layer PCBs for your next project to take advantage of the cutting-edge High-Density Assembly System technology and customization services that set the standard for excellence in the PCB industry.


Support and Services:

Our HDI Any Layer PCBs are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. To ensure the best performance of your product, we offer comprehensive technical support and services. Our support includes access to a wealth of online resources, including technical documentation, FAQs, and troubleshooting guides. Additionally, we provide direct assistance from our team of experienced engineers who can help with design considerations, material selection, and optimization for manufacturability.

Our services also encompass a full suite of testing capabilities to guarantee that your HDI Any Layer PCBs perform to specifications. This includes electrical testing, impedance control testing, and thermal cycling, among others. Furthermore, we offer advanced services such as X-ray inspection and automated optical inspection (AOI) to ensure the integrity of inner layers and microvias. Should you encounter any issues with our products, our technical support team is committed to providing prompt and effective solutions to minimize any potential downtime.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. Our support and services aim to provide peace of mind, knowing that you have a reliable partner in your PCB needs. Please refer to our website or reach out to our customer service team for further assistance with your HDI Any Layer PCBs.

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