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Six Layers RO4835+4350 Rogers PCB Board High Frequency PCB Customized

Six Layers RO4835+4350 Rogers PCB Board High Frequency PCB Customized

Six Layers Rogers PCB Board

Six Layers High Frequency PCB

Rogers PCB Board Customized

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Product Details
Glass Epoxy:
RO4730G3 0.762mm
Dielectric Constant:
Based Material:
CLTE-XT 1.016mm
Solder Mask:
Green, Black, Blue, Yellow, Red Etc.
100% Electrical Test Prior Shipment
According To Customer Request
Silkscreen Color:
White, Black, Yellow
Copper Thickness:
Payment & Shipping Terms
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Product Description

6 Layers RO4835+4350 PCB Board High frequency mixed voltage100% Pass Electrical Test

Product Description:

The Rogers PCB Board is an exemplary innovation in the realm of High Frequency PCBs, integrating advanced materials and manufacturing processes to cater to a plethora of high-performance applications. This product is a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence in PCB technology, enabling engineers and designers to push the boundaries of electronics design.

At the heart of the Rogers PCB Board lies the Rogers Laminate Board, a material known for its superior electrical properties, especially at high frequencies. This material ensures minimal signal loss, making it the substrate of choice for high-speed designs. The Rogers laminate, renowned for its consistency and performance, is complemented by a precise combination with FR4, leading to the creation of the Rogers+FR4 Multilayer PCB. This multilayered construction allows for a dense and complex circuitry, capable of accommodating various components and signal paths necessary in sophisticated electronic devices.

The surface finish of a PCB is crucial as it protects the copper from oxidation and provides a solderable surface when assembling electronic components. The Rogers PCB Board comes with a range of surface finish options to meet diverse application needs. These include HASL (Hot Air Solder Leveling), ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold), OSP (Organic Solderability Preservatives), Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, and Hard Gold. Each of these finishes offers unique benefits, such as excellent solderability, good shelf life, or robust physical properties, ensuring that customers can select the ideal finish for their specific requirements.

Emphasizing luxury and reliability, the surface of the Rogers PCB Board is adorned with Gold. This not only adds a touch of elegance but also brings practical advantages. The gold surface provides exceptional conductivity, a crucial feature for high-frequency signal transmission, and a robust interface that is resistant to corrosion. The inherent properties of gold ensure consistent performance over a wide range of environmental conditions, making it a preferred choice for high-reliability applications.

The copper thickness of a PCB is a parameter that significantly impacts the current-carrying capacity and thermal management of the board. The Rogers PCB Board offers a versatile range of copper thicknesses, stretching from 0.5oz to 6oz. This flexibility allows for precise tuning of the PCB to match the electrical requirements of the application, whether it is for low-power devices or high-power electronics that demand higher copper weights for efficient heat dissipation.

Aesthetic appeal and functionality merge in the Rogers PCB Board's coverlay, which comes in a vibrant yellow color. The coverlay serves as an insulating layer and also provides protection against environmental factors, such as dust and moisture. The yellow color not only gives the PCB a distinctive look but also enhances visual contrast, simplifying inspection processes and facilitating easier maintenance.

Understanding that one size does not fit all, the Rogers PCB Board is tailored to meet the unique dimensions specified by the customer. The size customization option underscores the product's versatility, catering to a comprehensive range of applications, from compact electronic devices to expansive, intricate systems. Customers are encouraged to specify their size requirements, and the Rogers PCB Board will be crafted to meet those precise dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit within the intended device or system.

In conclusion, the Rogers PCB Board is a product that embodies the pinnacle of High Frequency PCB design. With its Rogers Laminate Board foundation, versatile Rogers+FR4 Multilayer PCB construction, a broad selection of surface finishes, gold surface for enhanced conductivity, customizable copper thickness, striking yellow coverlay, and the ability to tailor the size to customer needs, this PCB stands as a paragon of engineering and manufacturing prowess. It represents not only a piece of hardware but a commitment to quality, performance, and customer satisfaction in the ever-evolving world of electronics.



  • Product Name: Rogers PCB Board
  • Based Material: CLTE-XT 1.016mm
  • Silkscreen: White
  • Function: 100% Pass Electrical Test
  • Glass Epoxy: RO4730G3 0.762mm
  • Material: Rogers R4350B
  • Rogers 4350B PCB
  • Rogers+FR4 Multilayer PCB
  • Rogers Laminate Board

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Silkscreen White
Surface Gold
Dielectric Constant 2.55-10.2
Solder Mask Green, Black, Blue, Yellow, Red Etc.
Silkscreen Color White, Black, Yellow
PCB Thickness 1.6mm
Function 100% Pass Electrical Test
Coverlay Colour Yellow
Size According To Customer Request
Surface Finish HASL, ENIG, OSP, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, Hard Gold


The Rogers PCB Board, crafted using Rogers R4350B material, is renowned for its exceptional quality and reliability, catering to a vast array of application occasions and scenarios. This Rogers Electronic Board is specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of high-frequency applications, ensuring optimal performance under various conditions.

With a glass epoxy of RO4730G3 0.762mm, this board provides a solid foundation for applications that demand both durability and precision. The versatility of the Rogers PCB Board is further enhanced by the availability of multiple surface finishes, including HASL, ENIG, OSP, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, and Hard Gold. These options allow for the board to be seamlessly integrated into different systems, adhering to the specific needs of the application.

One of the key scenarios where the Rogers Laminate Board is indispensable is in the realm of telecommunications. The Rogers 4350B PCB is perfect for high-speed communication devices where signal integrity cannot be compromised. Similarly, in the aerospace industry, the reliability and high-frequency performance of this board make it an ideal choice for navigation and radar systems.

In the automotive sector, the robust nature of the Rogers PCB Board, coupled with its high copper thickness range of 0.5-6oz, makes it well-suited for safety-critical systems like anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and airbag controllers. This Rogers Electronic Board also finds its application in advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), where precision and reliability are paramount.

Furthermore, in the medical field, the Rogers 4350B PCB's ability to pass 100% of electrical tests guarantees that it can be reliably used in sensitive medical devices and diagnostic equipment. The consistent performance of the Rogers Laminate Board is crucial in applications where the slightest disruption or signal loss could have significant consequences.

Lastly, the Rogers PCB Board is also employed in the manufacturing of high-frequency test equipment and RF/microwave components, where its material properties ensure minimal signal loss and reduced dielectric constant variations. For electronics designers and engineers looking for a high-quality substrate that will provide unwavering performance, the Rogers 4350B PCB stands out as the material of choice.



Our Rogers PCB Board product offers a range of customization services to meet the needs of high-frequency applications. With a dielectric constant ranging from 2.55 to 10.2, our boards are designed to provide reliable performance for your High Frequency Printed Circuit Board requirements. Each board is guaranteed to function with a 100% Pass Electrical Test, ensuring that your Rogers High Frequency Electronic Board operates at its best.

The material used for this PCB is the industry-renowned Rogers R4350B, known for its exceptional quality and performance in demanding situations. We cater to your specific needs by offering customization of the board size according to customer request, allowing for perfect integration into your project.

In addition to the standard Rogers material, we also provide options for Glass Epoxy RO4730G3 with a thickness of 0.762mm. This option creates a Rogers+FR4 Multilayer PCB that balances cost and performance, making it suitable for a wide range of high-frequency electronic applications.


Support and Services:

The Rogers PCB Board is designed to offer superior high-frequency performance and reliability. For any technical support regarding our product, we provide a comprehensive suite of services to assist with your needs. Our dedicated team is ready to help with product specifications, performance characteristics, and guidance on best practices for installation and usage. Please note that for hardware issues, troubleshooting, or repairs, it is imperative to refer to the product's manual for detailed instructions or to access our online knowledge base for common issues and solutions. For advanced support, our technical service department provides expert analysis and problem-solving to ensure your Rogers PCB Board operates at its optimal capacity. We are committed to delivering quality support to enhance your experience with our product.

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