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Customizable Multilayer PCB Board With SMT 12OZ Copper Weight 4-22 Layer Circuit Panel

Customizable Multilayer PCB Board With SMT 12OZ Copper Weight 4-22 Layer Circuit Panel

Customizable Multilayer PCB Board

Customizable multilayer circuit board

Multilayer PCB Board 12OZ Copper

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Product Details
Surface Mount Technology:
4-22 Layer
Vacuum Packing With Carton Box
Copper Weight:
Number Of Layers:
4-32 Layers
Min. Hole Size:
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Product Description

Custom Multilayer PCB Board with SMT 12OZ Copper Weight 4-22 Layer Circuit Panel

Product Description:

The Multilayer PCB Board is a highly sophisticated and versatile component at the heart of numerous electronic devices and applications. Its construction is designed to meet the stringent requirements of modern technology, with a focus on durability, conductivity, and miniaturization. This product is particularly notable for its range of thicknesses, from 0.2mm to 6.0mm, offering options for different applications and assembly needs. Crafted with precision, the PCB ensures that electronic devices perform reliably and efficiently.

One of the outstanding features of the Multilayer PCB Board is the incorporation of Surface Mount Technology (SMT). This technology is pivotal in enabling the board to accommodate a multitude of components in a compact space without compromising performance. SMT enhances the electrical connectivity and is a testament to the board's modern design and adaptability to current and future electronic requirements.

With a structure that can vary from 4 to 22 layers, the Multilayer PCB Board is suitable for complex circuit designs that require multiple layers of circuits. This layering system is what gives the Multilayer Printed Board its name and its remarkable functionality. The multiple layers are expertly laminated together to form a single unit, providing both robustness and superior electrical properties. This also allows for greater flexibility in design, ensuring that the 10 Layers PCBs, and other configurations, can accommodate the intricate circuitry needed for advanced electronic systems.

Accuracy is a key attribute of the Multilayer PCB Board, and this is reflected in the precision with which the minuscule holes are drilled. With a minimum hole size of 0.2mm, the board can support the latest in miniaturized components, offering excellent connectivity and reducing the risk of signal loss. This high level of detail ensures that the Multilayer Printed Board can meet the demands of high-density designs, which are increasingly prevalent in today's electronic devices.

Packaging is an essential aspect of preserving the integrity of the Multilayer PCB Board during storage and transportation. That's why each board is vacuum packed and then placed inside a sturdy carton box. This method of packing not only protects the board from environmental factors such as moisture and dust but also ensures that it remains in pristine condition until it reaches the end user. The vacuum packing with carton box is a testament to the care and attention to detail that goes into every aspect of this product's journey, from manufacturing to delivery.

Overall, the Multilayer PCB Board stands as a pinnacle of printed circuit board technology, offering unmatched versatility and reliability. Its varying thicknesses cater to different design specifications, while the adoption of Surface Mount Technology ensures its compatibility with the most advanced electronic components. The range of 4 to 22 layers provides a broad spectrum of options for designers, ensuring that whether it's a 10 Layers PCBs or another configuration, there is a Multilayer Printed Board suitable for every need. The meticulous attention to detail, exemplified by the minuscule hole sizes, positions this PCB as a top-tier choice for any high-tech application. Finally, the thoughtful packaging guarantees that each board arrives in perfect condition, ready to become the foundation of the next generation of electronic innovations.



  • Product Name: Multilayer PCB Board
  • Number Of Layers: 4-32 Layers
  • Thickness: 0.2mm-6.0mm
  • Size: Customizable to meet specific design requirements
  • Layers: 4-22 Layer options, including 14 Layers PCBs and 16 Layers PCBs
  • Special requirements: Multiclass Impedance for complex circuit designs
  • Type: Multilayer Printed Board for advanced electronic applications

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Details
Service One-stop Service OEM
Special Requirements Multiclass Impedance
Surface HASL, Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Gold Finger, OSP
Min. Hole Size 0.2mm
Copper Thickness 0.5oz-6oz
Packing Vacuum Packing With Carton Box
Number Of Layers 4-32 Layers
Surface Mount Technology Yes
Size /
Max. Panel Size 600mm*1200mm


The Multilayer PCB, with its range of copper thickness from 0.5oz to 6oz, is an essential component in modern electronics that require multiple layers for complex circuitry. With the ability to be configured from 4 to 22 layers, these PCBs offer a great deal of flexibility and complexity for various applications. The 12 Layers PCBs and 20 Layers PCBs are particularly notable for their use in high-performance and space-constrained electronic assemblies, where multiple layers of circuits are needed to fulfill the electrical requirements while maintaining a compact form factor.

One of the key scenarios for Multilayer PCBs is in the realm of computing. High-end servers, data processing units, and sophisticated routers and switches often use 12 Layers PCBs or even 20 Layers PCBs to handle high-speed signals and multiple functions. These multilayer boards can accommodate the dense arrangement of components and the intricate routing of signal paths necessary for reliable, high-speed data communication.

In the field of telecommunications, Multilayer PCBs are indispensable. They are employed in the design of antennas, base stations, and other communication hardware that require multiple signal layers to operate efficiently and at high frequencies. The tight control over the minimum hole size, which can be as small as 0.2mm, and the thickness range of 0.2mm to 6.0mm, allows for precise impedance control and signal integrity, which is crucial for maintaining clear communication channels.

Medical devices are another application where Multilayer PCBs are crucial, especially when precise and reliable performance is mandatory. Diagnostic equipment, imaging systems, and portable medical instruments often incorporate 12 Layers PCBs to achieve the necessary compactness without sacrificing the complex circuitry needed for advanced medical technology.

The aerospace and defense industries also rely heavily on Multilayer PCBs for their sophisticated electronic systems. In these applications, the durability and reliability of the PCBs are of utmost importance. The use of 20 Layers PCBs, with their robust construction and the ability to withstand extreme environments, make them ideal for space probes, satellite systems, and military hardware that must operate under the most demanding conditions.

All Multilayer PCBs, irrespective of the number of layers, are securely packed in vacuum packing with a carton box to ensure they arrive at their application sites in pristine condition. The packaging guarantees that the PCBs are protected from moisture, dust, and mechanical damage during shipping and handling, which could otherwise compromise their performance.

In summary, the versatile and robust nature of Multilayer PCBs, with their customizable layers, precise hole sizes, and a range of thicknesses, make them suitable for a vast array of applications across different industries. Whether it's for the 12 Layers PCBs used in medical technology or the 20 Layers PCBs in aerospace and defense, the Multilayer PCB stands as a foundational component in the development of sophisticated electronic systems.



Our Product Customization Services cater to a diverse range of specifications for Multilayer PCB Boards, encompassing 10 Layers PCBs, 12 Layers PCBs, and 16 Layers PCBs. We accommodate a Max. Panel Size of 600mm*1200mm to fit your project's unique dimensions.

The surface finish options available include HASL, Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Gold Finger, and OSP, ensuring the reliability and longevity of your PCB. In addition, we specialize in meeting Special requirements such as Multiclass Impedance to guarantee your PCB's performance in complex applications.

Our PCBs can be customized to a Thickness ranging from 0.2mm to 6.0mm, allowing for a versatile application across various industries. Moreover, we provide a comprehensive One-stop Service OEM solution, streamlining the process from design to delivery for your convenience.


Support and Services:

Our Multilayer PCB Board is designed with precision and crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. We understand that technical issues can arise, and that's why we offer comprehensive product technical support and services. Our support includes detailed product documentation, a robust FAQ section on our website, and access to our online forum where you can ask questions and share insights with other Multilayer PCB Board users.

Additionally, we provide troubleshooting guides to help you address common problems that may occur during the use of our PCB boards. For more complex issues, our team of experienced technical support engineers is available to provide guidance and assistance. We continuously update our support resources to ensure that you have access to the latest information and solutions.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction also includes offering services such as design reviews, signal integrity analysis, and thermal profiling to help optimize your use of our Multilayer PCB Boards. We aim to ensure that our products not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Please note that while we strive to provide extensive support and service resources, direct technical support may be subject to service hours and availability. We encourage customers to utilize all available online resources for the fastest resolution to their inquiries.

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