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RoHS Certified White Silkscreen Slp Substrate Like PCB Green Solder Mask

RoHS Certified White Silkscreen Slp Substrate Like PCB Green Solder Mask

White Silkscreen Slp Substrate Like PCB

RoHS Slp Substrate Like PCB

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Product Details
Solder Mask Color:
Min. Trace Width/Spacing:
Lead Time:
5-7 Days
Copper Weight:
Rohs Compliance:
Silkscreen Color:
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Product Description

RoHS Certified White Silkscreen 2-Layer PCBs 1oz Copper Weight Green Solder Mask

Product Description:

The world of electronics is ever-evolving, and at the forefront of this innovation are Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), which serve as the backbone of contemporary electronic devices. Among the various types of PCBs available, Substrate Like PCBs (SLP) have emerged as a groundbreaking solution for advanced applications that demand high-density circuitry. These boards are designed to closely mimic the properties of IC substrates, offering superior performance and integration for complex electronic assemblies.

Our Substrate Like PCB product is a testament to our commitment to excellence in the field of electronic manufacturing. With a sleek silkscreen color of white, the product offers an aesthetic and functional advantage. The white silkscreen provides a stark contrast against the solder mask, which makes for clear and easily readable labels and markings. This can be particularly useful during the assembly process, allowing for better component placement and a reduction in manufacturing errors.

Comprising 2 layers, our Substrate Like PCBs provide a balance between complexity and cost-effectiveness. The two-layer design is suitable for a wide range of applications, offering enough space for routing signals without unnecessary bulk. This layer count is ideal for both high-volume consumer electronics as well as specialized industrial applications where reliability and performance are key.

The material used in our Substrate Like PCBs is ABF (Ajinomoto Build-up Film), a high-performance dielectric film used to accommodate finer circuit geometries. ABF material is known for its excellent electrical properties, which is crucial for high-speed and high-frequency circuitry boards. This material choice ensures that our PCBs can support the latest substrate-like components with the required precision and reliability.

Surface finish can greatly affect the performance and longevity of Printed Circuit Boards, and our Substrate Like PCBs are finished with Immersion Gold. This surface finish not only provides a flat and smooth surface which is ideal for fine-pitch components, but it also ensures excellent solderability and resistance to oxidation. The Immersion Gold finish ensures a long shelf life and reliable interconnections, which is pivotal for devices that require a long service life without the need for maintenance.

To protect the intricate circuitry of the boards, our Substrate Like PCBs come with a solder mask in a traditional green color. The solder mask serves as a protective layer, preventing accidental shorts between conductive traces, as well as protecting the traces from environmental factors such as dust and moisture. The green color is not only recognized for its association with Printed Circuit Boards, but it also provides a contrast that is easier on the eyes during inspection and assembly processes.

When it comes to Circuitry Boards with Substrate Components, our Substrate Like PCBs are the embodiment of precision and high performance. The combination of white silkscreen, ABF material, two layers, Immersion Gold surface finish, and green solder mask results in a product that excels in both functionality and reliability. Our Substrate Like PCBs are engineered to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring that they are capable of supporting the most advanced electronic components and systems.

In conclusion, our Substrate Like PCB product is an exceptional choice for manufacturers and designers who require Printed Circuit Boards that can accommodate the density and precision of substrate components. With its superior materials, construction, and finish, this product stands out as a premium solution in the world of PCBs. Whether for consumer electronics, medical devices, or industrial machinery, our Substrate Like PCBs are ready to deliver optimal performance and facilitate the next generation of electronic innovations.



  • Product Name: Substrate Like PCBs
  • Thickness: 0.2mm
  • Material: ABF (Ajinomoto Build-up Film)
  • Layers: 2
  • Rohs Compliance: Yes
  • Min. Hole Size: 0.2mm
  • Keywords: PCBs with Substrate Structure
  • Keywords: Substrate-based Circuit Boards
  • Keywords: Substrate-Embedded Circuit Boards

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Details
Silkscreen Color White
Lead Time 5-7 Days
Min. Trace Width/Spacing 0.1mm
Material ABF
Rohs Compliance Yes
Application Electronic Devices
Copper Weight 1oz
Impedance Control Yes
Layers 2
Min. Hole Size 0.2mm


Substrate Like PCBs represent an advanced tier of printed circuit board (PCB) technology, featuring the incorporation of high-precision substrate components to enhance their performance in a variety of applications. These PCBs, also known as Substrate-Equipped PCBs, are meticulously designed with a minimum trace width and spacing of 0.1mm, ensuring high-density interconnection and superior electrical performance. With two layers of circuitry, these boards provide a solid foundation for numerous electronic assemblies.

The green solder mask color of these Circuitry Boards with Substrate Components is not only a standard in the industry for ease of inspection and soldering accuracy but also provides a clear contrast for silkscreened labels and indicators. The quick lead time of 5-7 days for these substrate-like PCBs demonstrates an efficient production process, which is essential for meeting the fast-paced demands of electronics manufacturing. The ABF (Ajinomoto Build-up Film) material used in these PCBs is a high-performance dielectric designed for fine-line applications, further improving signal integrity and reliability.

These Substrate Like PCBs are particularly suitable for high-frequency applications where signal loss and cross-talk must be minimized. They are widely used in telecommunications equipment, where maintaining signal integrity is paramount. Additionally, the precise control over trace dimensions makes these boards an excellent choice for high-speed digital applications, such as servers, data centers, and advanced computing devices that require rapid data processing and minimal latency.

In the realm of consumer electronics, Substrate-Equipped PCBs are often found in smartphones, tablets, and other compact devices where space is at a premium and the efficiency of the circuit layout is critical. The reduced trace spacing allows for more components to be fitted into a smaller area, maximizing functionality while keeping the devices lightweight and portable.

Medical devices also benefit from the high precision and reliability of these Circuitry Boards with Substrate Components. Diagnostic equipment, patient monitoring systems, and advanced imaging devices rely on the consistent performance and miniaturization capabilities that these PCBs offer. In the aerospace and defense sectors, the robustness and high-frequency performance of substrate like PCBs are essential for navigation systems, onboard computers, and communication devices that must operate flawlessly in demanding environments.

Overall, the Substrate Like PCBs with their distinct material composition, rapid production timeline, and fine trace capabilities are versatile and integral components in a wide array of electronic products and systems. Their applications span across various industries, showcasing their adaptability and importance in the advancement of modern electronics.



Surface Finish: Our Substrate Like PCBs come with a premium Immersion Gold surface finish, ensuring exceptional conductivity and long-term reliability for your electronic devices.

Impedance Control: With meticulous Impedance Control, our Circuit Boards with Substrate Material guarantee signal integrity, essential for high-speed and RF applications.

Application: Specifically designed for Electronic Devices, our PCBs with Substrate Layer are versatile and adaptable to a wide range of technological uses.

Rohs Compliance: In commitment to environmental safety and customer health, our Substrate Like PCBs fully adhere to RoHS compliance standards, ensuring the exclusion of hazardous substances.

Thickness: Featuring an ultra-thin design at 0.2mm, our Substrate Like PCBs provide a compact and efficient solution without compromising on quality and performance.


Support and Services:

Our Substrate Like PCBs are designed with the highest quality standards, ensuring reliability and performance for your sophisticated electronics. We offer comprehensive technical support and services to assist you with any challenges you may encounter. Our support includes access to a wealth of resources such as detailed product documentation, FAQs, and a library of application notes. Additionally, we provide troubleshooting guides to help you quickly resolve common issues.

For more complex inquiries or personalized assistance, our team of expert engineers is available to provide guidance on design considerations, material selection, and layout optimization for your specific application. We are committed to helping you maximize the potential of our Substrate Like PCBs and ensure seamless integration into your product designs.

Our services also encompass post-sales support, including warranty information and handling of any potential defects or quality concerns. We strive to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction and are dedicated to providing timely and effective solutions to support your success.

Please note that our Product Technical Support and Services are available during standard business hours and may vary depending on your region. For further assistance, we encourage you to reach out through our designated support channels where our representatives will be glad to assist you.

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