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Custom IMS PCB Insulation Sheet Conduction Base Board HASL ENIG OSP

Custom IMS PCB Insulation Sheet Conduction Base Board HASL ENIG OSP

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Product Details
Surface Finish:
HASL, ENIG, OSP, Immersion Silver
Min. Line Width/Spacing:
Surface Finishing:
Insulation Sheet,PCB Base Board
Ventec, Polytronics, Begquist
Solder Mask Color:
Clients Required
PCB Fabrication
Withstand Voltage:
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Product Description

Product Description:

The IMS PCB (Insulated Metal Substrate Printed Circuit Board) is a cutting-edge product designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance in the electronics industry. At the very core of this product is its exceptional thermal management capability, with thermal conductivity options ranging from 0.5 W/mK to a remarkable 8 W/mK. This range ensures that clients can select the thermal conductivity that best suits their specific application needs, whether it be for modest heat dissipation requirements or for high-power electronics where superior thermal performance is critical. Additionally, a frequently chosen thermal conductivity by many clients is 1.0W/mK, which offers a balanced performance for a variety of applications.

The IMS PCB is a 1 Layer Printed Circuit Board, designed for applications where a single conductive layer is sufficient and cost-effectiveness is a priority. This simplicity, however, does not compromise the PCB's performance. The precision engineering of the IMS PCB allows for a minimum line width and spacing of 0.075/0.075mm, enabling tight tolerances for intricate circuit designs. This fine line technology is particularly beneficial for high-density circuits where space is at a premium and every millimeter counts.

One of the distinguishing features of the IMS PCB is its customizable solder mask color. Clients can specify the solder mask color according to their requirements, ensuring that the final product not only performs exceptionally but also aligns with aesthetic or branding considerations. This level of customization is indicative of the commitment to accommodating diverse client needs and showcases the versatility of the IMS PCB product.

The silkscreen, available in white, black, and yellow, provides clear and legible markings on the PCB, essential for assembly, inspection, and maintenance. The contrast between the silkscreen and solder mask color can be tailored to enhance readability or to create a distinctive look that sets the product apart in the market.

The IMS PCB incorporates materials from Ventec, a leader in the production of high-quality thermal management substrates. The Ventec PCB materials used in the construction of the IMS PCB are renowned for their reliability and performance, ensuring that the final product is not only thermally efficient but also robust and long-lasting. Ventec's reputation for excellence in the PCB industry is well-earned, and their materials contribute significantly to the overall quality of the IMS PCB.

For clients in need of a metal PCB solution, the IMS PCB can be equipped with PTTC (Plated Through Thermal Conductivity) metal. This feature enhances the thermal performance of the PCB by improving the thermal conductivity between layers and to external heat sinks or other cooling solutions. The PTTC metal PCB option is ideal for applications where heat dissipation is a critical factor, and it demonstrates the flexibility of the IMS PCB to serve a wide range of thermal management needs.

The IMS PCB is manufactured with precision and care, ensuring that each board meets the stringent standards required by clients. Quality control is paramount throughout the production process, from material selection to final inspection. The result is a product that performs reliably even in the most demanding applications. Whether it's for consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, or industrial uses, the IMS PCB stands ready to deliver the performance and quality expected of a premier PCB solution.

In summary, the IMS PCB product is an exceptional choice for any application that necessitates efficient thermal management, high-density circuitry, and customization. With a range of thermal conductivities, precise minimum line width and spacing, customizable solder mask colors, and the option for PTTC metal PCB integration, it is designed to meet the diverse needs of the electronics industry. The use of Ventec PCB materials further cements this product's status as a top-tier solution for clients who demand the best in performance and reliability.



  • Product Name: IMS PCB
  • Copper Thickness: 0.5-6.0oz
  • Solder Mask Color: Clients Required
  • Type: Insulation Sheet, PCB Base Board
  • Number Of Layers: 1 Layer Printed Circuit Board
  • Min. Line Width/Spacing: 0.075/0.075mm
  • Brand: Ventec PCB
  • Technology: Polytronics PCBs
  • Feature: High thermal conductivity IMS PCB

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Description
Materials Ventec, Polytronics, Begquist
Surface Finish HASL, ENIG, OSP, Immersion Silver
Copper Thickness 0.5-6.0oz
Surface Finishing CUSTOM
Silkscreen White, Black, Yellow
Sample Available
Withstand Voltage >3KV
Number Of Layers 1 Layer Printed Circuit Board
Solder Mask Color Clients Required
ISO Certification ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 13485:2016


The IMS PCB, or Insulated Metal Substrate Printed Circuit Board, is an exceptional product that caters to a myriad of applications across various industries. The primary attributes, including a minimum line width and spacing of 0.075/0.075mm, make this product highly versatile and suitable for intricate circuit designs. Renowned for its robustness and reliability, the IMS PCB incorporates materials from industry leaders such as Ventec, Polytronics, and Bergquist, ensuring a top-tier performance.

One of the standout characteristics of the IMS PCB is its ability to withstand voltages greater than 3KV. This feature is particularly crucial in applications where electrical safety and insulation strength are paramount. Consequently, products such as the Ventec PCB are extensively used in power supplies, automotive electronics, and industrial controls where high voltage operations are standard. The high thermal conductivity IMS PCB is specifically engineered to manage the heat dissipation challenges that come with such high voltage applications, preserving the integrity and longevity of the device it powers.

Moreover, the High thermal conductivity metal PCB is not only a testament to the product's ability to effectively dissipate heat but also highlights its suitability for LED lighting applications. In scenarios where consistent and reliable illumination is required, such as street lighting, emergency lighting, and architectural lighting, the IMS PCB stands out. Its excellent thermal performance ensures that LEDs operate within optimal temperature ranges, thus maintaining light efficiency and extending the service life of the lighting solutions.

As a Type: Insulation Sheet, PCB Base Board, the IMS PCB is integral to the construction of insulated devices that require a sturdy and durable base. The customization aspect of its surface finishing allows for a wide range of applications, including consumer electronics like laptops and televisions, where custom surface finishes can contribute to the aesthetic and functional design of the product. Furthermore, the tailored surface finishing ensures compatibility with various electronic components and compliance with specific industry standards.

In summary, whether it is for high-powered industrial equipment or precision consumer electronics, the High thermal conductivity IMS PCB serves as a cornerstone for developers and manufacturers seeking excellence in electrical insulation, thermal management, and custom design flexibilities. Its employment in Ventec PCB configurations and other high-quality material combinations from Polytronics and Bergquist guarantees performance that meets the demanding conditions of today's advanced electronic applications.



Service: PCB Fabrication

Silkscreen Colors Available: White, Black, Yellow

Thermal Conductivity Options: 0.5/1/2/3/5/8 W/mK , specifically for high performance 1.0w/mK and >=1.0W/mK

Materials Used: Ventec , Polytronics , and Begquist for premium Begquist metal Core pcb requirements

High Withstand Voltage: >3KV , ensuring safety and reliability

Offering advanced heat dissipation solutions with PTTC metal pcb technology for efficient thermal management


Support and Services:

The IMS PCB (Insulated Metal Substrate Printed Circuit Board) is a high-performance circuit board designed for effective thermal management in electronic devices. Our product technical support and services are dedicated to ensuring that your experience with the IMS PCB is seamless and efficient. We offer a wide range of support services to help you with design, implementation, and troubleshooting.

Technical Support: Our team of experienced engineers is available to provide you with guidance on the best practices for integrating IMS PCBs into your projects. We can assist with circuit design, material selection, and thermal management strategies to optimize the performance of your devices.

Design Review Services: Before you proceed to manufacturing, our experts can review your circuit designs to ensure they are optimized for the IMS PCB technology. This can help prevent costly rework and ensure that your product performs as expected.

Thermal Analysis: We offer thermal analysis services to predict the thermal behavior of your electronic assemblies. This analysis helps in identifying potential hot spots and ensuring that the heat dissipation requirements are met effectively.

Prototyping Services: To help you validate your designs, we provide prototyping services that enable you to test the IMS PCBs in your actual application environment before moving to full-scale production.

Quality Assurance: Our IMS PCBs undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. We stand behind our products and are committed to providing reliable and durable solutions for your thermal management needs.

After-Sales Support: Once your product is up and running, our after-sales support team is here to help with any issues that may arise. From troubleshooting to repairs, we are dedicated to providing timely and effective support to keep your operations running smoothly.

Continuous Improvement: We are constantly innovating and improving our products and services. We welcome feedback from our customers as it helps us to serve you better and stay at the forefront of PCB technology.

For more information on our technical support and services, or to discuss specific support requirements for your IMS PCB application, please reach out to our customer service team (contact details excluded).

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