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Aluminum Based IMS Circuit Board For PCB Base Board Double Sided

Aluminum Based IMS Circuit Board For PCB Base Board Double Sided

Aluminum based IMS circuit board

Double Sided IMS circuit board

Double Sided insulated metal substrate pcb

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Product Details
Thermal Conductivity:
0.5/1/2/3/5/8 W,1.0w,>=1.0W/mK
ISO Certification:
ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 13485:2016
Surface Finish:
HASL, ENIG, OSP, Immersion Silver
Copper Thickness:
White, Black, Yellow
Insulation Sheet,PCB Base Board
Number Of Layers:
Double-sided Printed Circuit Board
Pcb Fabrication
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Product Description

Min. Line Width/Spacing 0.075/0.075mm Aluminum based circuit board for PCB Base Board

Product Description:

The IMS PCB product is a cutting-edge solution in the world of electrical insulation and printed circuit board (PCB) technology. Designed to meet the highest standards of durability and performance, this product boasts a withstand voltage of more than 3KV, ensuring maximum safety and reliability in a variety of applications. As a vital component in the electronics industry, the IMS PCB stands for Insulated Metal Substrate PCB, a type of PCB that includes an insulation sheet and acts as a base board for numerous electronic assemblies.

The IMS PCB is not only a hallmark of robustness but also of versatility, with a copper thickness ranging from 0.5oz to a substantial 6.0oz. This range of copper thickness allows for a broad spectrum of uses, from lightweight to heavy-duty applications, catering to different current-carrying requirements. The varied copper thickness also means that the IMS PCB can be tailored to the specific needs of OEM LED PCBA and light engine boards, providing a customizable platform for manufacturers looking to innovate in the LED lighting sector.

Thermal management is a critical aspect of PCB design, and the IMS PCB excels in this area with its exceptional thermal conductivity. The product is available in several thermal conductivity ratings, including 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8 W/mK, as well as a specialized version with a thermal conductivity of 1.0w and versions with a thermal conductivity of greater than or equal to 1.0W/mK. This versatility ensures that whether the application requires moderate or high thermal dissipation, the IMS PCB can provide an optimal solution, making it particularly suitable for OEM LED PCBA where effective heat dissipation is crucial for the longevity and efficiency of LED components.

Fine line precision is another hallmark of the IMS PCB, which is capable of supporting a minimum line width and spacing of 0.075/0.075mm. This feature is indispensable for the development of high-density and intricate circuit designs, which are prevalent in OEM LED PCBA and light engine boards. The ability to maintain such fine line widths and spacings ensures that these PCBs can cater to sophisticated electronic devices where space is at a premium and precision is non-negotiable.

As a product that sits at the heart of the OEM LED PCBA, the IMS PCB is instrumental in powering the light engine boards that drive the LED lighting industry. Its robust construction and superior thermal management properties make it the ideal substrate for LED applications, which require components that can withstand high temperatures and provide consistent performance over time. The IMS PCB's high withstand voltage and copper thickness options further augment its suitability for these applications, providing a sturdy and reliable foundation for the high-intensity operation of LED lighting systems.

In conclusion, the IMS PCB is an exemplary product tailored for the contemporary demands of the electronics industry. With its high withstand voltage, versatile type as an insulation sheet and PCB base board, customizable copper thickness, outstanding thermal conductivity, and precise line width and spacing capabilities, it is the go-to choice for manufacturers and engineers specializing in OEM LED PCBA and light engine boards. The IMS PCB is a testament to innovation, quality, and adaptability, offering a platform that enhances the performance and reliability of electronic components in an ever-evolving technological landscape.



  • Product Name: IMS PCB
  • Surface Finish: HASL, ENIG, OSP, Immersion Silver
  • Silkscreen: White, Black, Yellow
  • Min. Line Width/Spacing: 0.075/0.075mm
  • Number Of Layers: Double-sided Printed Circuit Board
  • Copper Thickness: 0.5-6.0oz
  • PCB for lightings
  • largest PCB facility
  • Copper based PCB

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameter Specification
Solder Mask Color Clients Required
Number Of Layers Double-sided Printed Circuit Board
Sample Available
Surface Finish HASL, ENIG, OSP, Immersion Silver
ISO Certification ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 13485:2016
Surface Finishing CUSTOM
Silkscreen White, Black, Yellow
Service Pcb Fabrication
Thermal Conductivity 0.5/1/2/3/5/8 W, 1.0w, >=1.0W/mK
Type Insulation Sheet, PCB Base Board


The IMS PCB, with its customized surface finishing, brings a new level of quality and performance to a variety of applications. This double-sided printed circuit board is not just versatile due to its number of layers but also because it comes in a range of thicknesses from 0.6 to 6.0MM, catering to an extensive range of product requirements. Its outstanding thermal conductivity, which can be selected from 0.5/1/2/3/5/8 W,1.0w, or >=1.0W/mK, ensures that the PCB can handle high-power applications where heat dissipation is crucial.

One of the most significant features of this PCB is its ability to support line widths and spacings as minute as 0.075/0.075mm. This precision allows for high-density circuit designs, which is essential in modern electronics where space is at a premium and functionality cannot be compromised. The 1.5 meter PCB extends the possibilities for designers and engineers, enabling them to work on large-scale projects without sacrificing detail or quality.

The Copper based PCB is an excellent choice for industries that require robust and reliable electronic components. Its copper construction not only aids in efficient thermal management but also contributes to the overall mechanical stability of the PCB. As a result, it is an ideal choice for applications that experience mechanical stress or are exposed to harsh environments.

Application occasions and scenarios for the IMS PCB are diverse. In the lighting industry, the 1.5 meter PCB can be used to develop long LED strips that require consistent illumination and heat dissipation over a significant length. Audio equipment manufacturers might employ these PCBs in high-fidelity sound systems where maintaining signal integrity over a large area is paramount. In automotive applications, the durability and thermal performance of the Copper based PCB make it suitable for in-vehicle systems that need to withstand vibrations and temperature fluctuations.

Moreover, in industrial settings, the IMS PCB can be integral to power converters, controllers, and other machinery that demands high power handling and longevity. The medical sector also benefits from such PCBs in imaging devices and diagnostic equipment where precision and reliability are non-negotiable. Finally, in consumer electronics, where compact and efficient designs are essential, the IMS PCB's ability to support dense circuit configurations makes it a prime choice for gadgets like laptops, smartphones, and wearables.

In summary, the IMS PCB product is a tailored solution for an array of sophisticated electronic applications, offering customization, precision, and high thermal performance wrapped in a durable Copper based design, perfect for scenarios that span from the vast stretches of industrial machinery to the compact circuitry of modern consumer devices.



Service: PCB Fabrication

Thermal Conductivity: 0.5/1/2/3/5/8 W/mK

Min. Line Width/Spacing: 0.075/0.075mm

Withstand voltage: >3KV

ISO Certification: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 13485:2016

Specializing in 1.2 meter PCB production for OEM LED PCBA applications.


Support and Services:

The IMS PCB product comes with comprehensive technical support and services designed to provide you with the assistance you need to ensure seamless integration and operation of your PCB within your applications. Our technical support team is comprised of experts in the field of printed circuit board technology, ready to assist you with any technical inquiries or issues you may encounter.

Our support services include:

  • Technical Documentation: Access to detailed product manuals, datasheets, and application notes to help you understand and utilize your IMS PCB to its fullest potential.
  • Firmware Updates: Regular firmware updates to enhance product performance, add new features, and address any existing issues.
  • Troubleshooting Assistance: Guidance and problem-solving support for any technical difficulties you may experience with your IMS PCB.
  • Product Training: Educational resources and training materials to help your team become proficient in the operation and maintenance of the IMS PCB.
  • Best Practices: Advice on design integration, thermal management, and other best practices to optimize the performance and longevity of your PCB.

Our goal is to ensure that you achieve the best possible experience with the IMS PCB product, and our technical support team is dedicated to that mission. For any technical support inquiries, please refer to the contact us section of our website or consult the user manual provided with your product.

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