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  Metal core PCB Applications  

Street Lighting & Signals using High Power LEDs
    Metal Core PCBs are typically used in street lighting applications to mount the High Power LEDs to a thermally conductive PCB so the lighting fixture can withstand the wide range of ambient temperatures as well as dissipate the heat generated by the LEDs and their supporting components. Our concurrent engineering service ensures your designs to utilize best design techniques and proper Bill of Materials for the most cost-effective and reliable design of Street Lighting and Signal applications.

General Lighting
    Utilizing LEDs in general lighting applications is becoming more and more popular especially in new construction facilities. LEDs offer many advantages over tradition fluorescent light applications, including reduced safety considerations, dimming controls, energy conservation, and longer life.  Fluorescent light bulbs are typically powered by high voltage AC, which can be a fire hazard and is required to meet stringent safety considerations while LEDs run on low voltage DC which is considered safer. LED lighting can be designed for dimming and even allow for controls on inter-changing color output, where fluorescent lights typically only have one brightness and one color setting, on or off. The high efficiency operation of LEDs will reduce energy consumption by more than 70%, saving a lot of money on energy bills. The fluorescent bulbs must be continually replaced while LEDs offer extremely long life operations in excess of 100,000 hours or 10 years, making LED lighting a very attractive cost-saving lighting solution for building owners.

Outdoor Lighting
    Outdoor lighting installations already use low voltage transformers to overcome safety issues; however, they typically use low-reliability light bulbs that only allow one color and / or brightness and do not offer great energy efficiency. LEDs are becoming more popular due to a wide range of color and brightness options as well as their high efficiency / low-energy consumption. Many outdoor lights now have built in solar panels, allowing them to run independently without any use of e-wire connections or external power sources. The low-energy consumption of LEDs make them particularly attractive in these applications, enabling longer operation from each solar charge reducing the size of the solar panel and battery storage devices in each lighting fixture. Our Metal Core PCB concurrent engineering and manufacturing services combined with our SMTA services enable these lighting fixture manufacturers to order one assembly designed to fit the enclosure of respective design, knowing that it is designed and manufactured with the right components and circuitry to withstand the rigors outdoor environments around the environment.

Machine Vision
    Manufacturers utilize machines to inspect their products for quality and consistency. LEDs offer smaller size, better control of the light spectrum, and longer life operation compared to all other traditional light sources. Traditional light sources have a wide variance of light spectrum, resulting in less accurate measurement of product attributes. LEDs improve accuracy while fitting into smaller spaces and requiring far less maintenance and repair. Our Metal Core PCB designs allow these lighting assemblies to be installed into manufacturing equipments that may be operating at extreme high temperatures to accommodate required manufacturing processes.

Automotive Lighting
    Many of today's automobiles are taking steps to use LEDs to expand their ability to deliver higher brightness within smaller spaces and a high level of color controls to improve the driver's visibility. These high-brightness LED assemblies must withstand a wide range of temperature and mechanical vibration. Metal Core PCB construction enables the PCB to be mounted directly to the surrounding light assembly for greater resistance to shock and vibration while dissipating the generated heat through the light's enclosure.  In today's vehicles, the reduced energy consumption of LEDs is only one of many components to reduce electricity consumption within the car without sacrificing lighting required for best visibility.

Power Conversion
    The process of converting energy from the power source into the voltage required to run the electronic circuits generates great amount of heat.  Traditional cooling methods require fans to blow cooler air over the power conversion circuits; however, in many applications, airflow may not be possible, requiring the power conversion circuits to conduct their heat through a base-plate. Metal Core PCB technologies enable engineers to tie the power magnet directly to the PCB to draw heat away from these sensitive circuits. This approach has grown very popular in high-density DC-to-DC converter products and other power systems that are utilized in military and telecommunication devices, where airflow is not available.

Military / Aerospace field
    High reliability applications utilized in military applications and commercial aircraft which cannot make use of traditional "air cooling" methods as airflow is only a consideration up to 10,000 feet in altitude. Once the altitude is higher than 10,000 feet, the air gets too thin to provide reliable cooling capacity. For this reason, these types of applications require the conduction cooling that only Metal Core PCB technologies can offer. Our Metal Core PCB concurrent engineering and manufacturing services combined with our SMTA services enable the manufacturers of today's military and aerospace equipment to order a complete assembly designed to fit their specifications with the knowledge of correct component selection and circuitry to withstand the shock, vibration, and wide temperature ranges required on such types of applications.

Motor Controls
    Motor control devices are often embedded deep within machinery that cannot be accessed easily, meaning traditional cooling methods are often less than ideal. Airflow may not be an option at all or difficult to implement at the final destination of these types of circuits. For this reason, most motion control devices are designed for self-cooled operation and require the conductive heat dissipation that only Metal Core PCB technologies can offer. Our Metal Core PCB concurrent engineering and manufacturing services combined with our SMTA services enable the manufacturers of today's motion devices to order one complete assembly designed to their specifications with the knowledge of right components selection and circuitry to withstand the shock, vibration, and wide temperature ranges required on today's motion applications.

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